How to choose a pillow?

Choose the pillow you need individually. Do not buy the same pillows for all family members. Pillows selected according to your individual characteristics, will help to provide relaxation and a healthy sleep.

It is recommended to buy quality pillows and change them at the end of its life. With a good pillow you don't have to Wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning feeling headache, pain in the back or neck. The size of the pillow is not too important, so you can choose the one you like. But the shape, height, hardness and filler cushions – features important.

When choosing a pillow you need to pay attention to the fabric and filler. It should also make sure that the seam is sturdy and small, no small holes that can pass filler out. Tailoring details are very important. Poor thread, poor seam shorten the life of the pillow. Important and the size of the punctures from the needle, they should not be large, otherwise the filler will break out.

So the first rule is: when you buy a the pillow to look at the stitches, pulling on them to test durability. Filling for pillows can be divided into two types – natural and synthetic. And they both have their advantages and disadvantages. Natural fillers – natural, but Allergy sufferers some of them do not.

In addition pillows with natural fillers are expensive and need special care. Synthetic fillers are cheaper than natural. Take care of them easier — most can even be washed in the washing machine.

But many people don't like synthetic pillows because of their artificiality. Depending on the shape of the cushion is divided into classic and orthopedic. Classic rectangular or square shapes. Orthopaedic — in the form of cushions or pillows with holes for the head.

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