How to choose a pillow to sleep

Our morning mood often depends on how we slept. To sleep was strong and healthy, it is necessary first and foremost the right to choose their own special pillow.

The most important thing when choosing a pillow is its shape. During sleep, in a horizontal position, the spine must be in the same position as if you were standing. The pillow should repeat the contours of the cervical spine. In this position, the vertebral arteries go freely to the brain and provide a good blood supply. If you sleep on a very high pillow, head throws to the top, the result is one of the vertebral arteries is blocked and blood flow in the brain is disturbed. Incorrect position of the spine, can even lead to stroke!

There are several forms of pillows:
1. Square (merchant)
2. Rectangular
3. Orthopedic
4. Cushion

Choosing the form of a pillow, more needs to bow down to a rectangular shape. Why? If the pillow is square, you will have to put on her shoulders, but it is not correct. On the pillow should be the neck and head.

Today there is a very large selection of orthopedic pillows. Varieties their large number in material, hardness and bending. Choose an orthopedic pillow you need specifically for each person, depending on its configuration.

But you should know that it is impossible to use an orthopaedic pillow if you have neck pain or you suffer from chronic headaches. First you need to recover, and then select the desired form for the pillow. As the pillow does not cure, but only maintains the correct position of the spine.

Some may be comfortable to sleep on Shane roller. But it is also necessary to select the size and stiffness to each individual. Lying on your back or side, he must repeat the contour of the neck.


The most common materials for filling pillows:

1. Bird feather
2. Hollofayber
3. Sintepon

Pillow with a natural filler such as a bird feather or feathers, no matter what birds, experts recommend not to use. As all natural fillers are a source of infection — fungi, mold, mites. Moreover people with allergic reactions or when dermatitis, such pillows are generally contraindicated.

At the moment there are many synthetic substitutes are not harmful to human health. The most common of them and affordable hollofayber. They are filled not only cushions, but also blankets. The benefits of this material — it is lightweight, ventilated, safe from skin diseases and as it holds its shape well.

Polyester batting is the cheapest material made of synthetic fabrics. Pillows this material is lightweight and ventilated. Bad for long and keep their shape. After washing the batting is starting to curl up and turn into lumps. These pillows are cheap, but their lifespan is short.


Wash and clean the pillows a must, as the head is one of the most dirty and greasy places of the human. And pillow all this negativity absorbs.

Pillows made from synthetic materials, it is recommended to wash once in two weeks. To wash it in the washing machine, in the mode of not more than 45 degrees. Nepadutant (hypoallergenic case) need to be washed once a week. And the pillowcase should be changed twice a week.

If you still use down pillows, it must be cleaned 1 - 2 times a year, in the specially equipped places for cleaning pillows. Where struts her completely, clean the pen and change the pillow-case. published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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