20 ways to make a pillow on which a dream is really sweet


Pillow - man's best friend. On average, one third of the life we ​​spend in her company. But you can not just sleep on pillows. It is also a great decoration for any interior.

< Website selected for you some ideas on how to make a pillow "for the soul».

Ancient Japanese style "Shibori" 8b9971a1d0.jpg

The Japanese know a lot about beauty. How to make a pillow with either space, or sea pattern, can be found here

Natural print b7f40a37e3.jpg

For information on how to

Geometry b3bf854305.jpg dream to be closer to nature, to tell this fotoinstruktsiya.

The geometry around the head! How to sew a pillow, can be found here. Believe me, it's just.

Node bcb13f4b65.jpg

"Nodule to start up, untied the knot" ... Such a decorative pillow is very easy to do.

Embroidery 929056c32c.jpg

Checked: the pillow, made with his own hands, dream the nicest dreams. Especially when embroidery cushion.


For those who do not like to embroider, but still want an embroidered pillow, perfect idea. With this embroidery handle even a child.

Ombre 44badb74fa.jpg

Pillow in "Ombre" style is so beautiful that never go out of fashion. How do such, can be found here.
Ties 0e09827bc0.jpg

Free up space in the closet and make a cool pillow will help this process.

Cookies 2e2947ccee.jpg

Sew a pillow easily,

Donut difficult night not to run to the fridge. d4e9af3c35.jpg

This pillow for real sweet tooth is very easy to sew.

Knitted cushion 7528859617.jpg

Great idea for a gift. Linking such beauty can be found here.

Scraps 13efa3e080.jpg

Such pillows exactly no one else has.

Cute cactus e095722479.jpg

For information on how to lodge a piece of the desert at home, tell this instruction.

Pompons 58d7c4402d.jpg

This is the easiest way in the world to decorate a pillow.

Old shirt de39eda811.jpg

Everyone in the closet is a couple of shirts, which are so dear to the heart, but to wear them anymore. This method will prolong their lives.

Patchwork grass f39fb2d3c9.jpg

Sleeping on the grass, the more done with their own hands - a pleasure. How to make a pillow, can be found here.

Roses 0951a44269.jpg

Almost real roses - sorry, that does not smell. As these do, can be found here.
Stamp b2872211f8.jpg

Make a pillow breeze. Details here.

Pocket for love letters 2d358f31fd.jpg

How to make a pillow for the true romantics, read here.
Heart 4daace2623.jpg

How to make a pillow for loved ones can be found here.

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