Like sleeping in your favorite position and have no health problems

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Doctors say it was our favorite position during sleep can cause health problems. At the same time, to be healthier, we don't have to give up the habit, but rather to make only some adjustments.

The website has collected the recommendations of experts about how to sleep in a favorite pose and stay healthy.

If you sleep on your side

Scientists have found that the cerebrospinal fluid more effectively removes toxins from the brain in position. It reduces headaches and the risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Also sleeping on left side helps with heartburn, but increases the load on the liver.

  • If you have problems with digestion doctors recommend sleeping on the left side. It helps to improve blood flow, relieve the stomach and esophagus.

  • To keep back in flat position, put a small firm pillow between your legs. It will also reduce the joints. And under the head is large and plump.

  • For high blood pressure and problems with blood circulation it is recommended to sleep on the right side. This reduces the load on the heart.

Sleeping on the back

Sleeping on the back is one of the best positions in case of problems with the spine and joints. This posture prevents heartburn and wrinkles. However, it is also one of the worst positions if you have problems with the nose, high blood pressure and snoring.

  • To stop snoring, use a plump pillow (or a little under the neck) to the upper respiratory tract was in the correct position.

  • When cold slime over night will accumulate in the sinuses. In this situation, use a few pillows to raise your head a little higher and create a slope (not too big, not to hurt the neck).

  • For pain in the back and joints , put a small pillow under the neck, a large, but flat under the knees and a rolled towel under the lower back. This will support the spine and provide normal blood flow.

The position on the abdomen

Japanese researchers have found that sleeping on stomach helps to reduce blood pressure and improve digestion, snoring, and heartburn. However, it is bad for the back because the spine is unnaturally curved position.

  • To protect the spine from bending and to reduce the load on the lower back, place a small pillow under the abdomen into the pelvis. The pillow under the head should be flat (about 3 cm), and it is better to be absent, make sure his neck didn't suffer.

The fetal position

Position in which the knees are lifted high to the chin, can be convenient, but bad for the health of the back. The arcuate bending of the body restricts diaphragmatic breathing — it eliminates snoring, but it will add to the problems, if not all right with breathing (e.g. asthma).

  • To align the back, to ensure the correct position of the limbs and release the chest, put one plump pillow between the legs and the second place between the elbows. According to doctors, the ideal pillow for his head in this position there will be one small plump, which will support the neck.
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