9 things that absolutely can not deny the child

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According to psychologists, if in a child's life there are limitations, he feels safer and calmer. But at the same time, some prohibitions are much narrower scope for the development of the children and make them insecure.

We at the Website decided to introduce you with things to allow toddlers and older children. And perhaps this will be the biggest gift for them.

1. Ask questions

A small child grows and learns, and of course, that he has a lot of questions. Of course, parents is not easy in the evening to overcome the fatigue and find time and energy for children. But the time we spend with the children when answering their questions, read and play with them, not only helps to develop a child. It helps us to establish a strong relationship and keep the relationship warm, even when the children grow up.

2. Cry Little children a brighter experiencing everything that happens in life. Upset — this is normal for the baby. Do not forbid your child to cry and not shame for that. Instead, help to understand the situation, explain to your child why he's crying and how to fix it.

3. Greedy

The kid has full right to dispose of his things as adults, so no need to shame him for his greed. And especially to say things from the category of: "There all laughing at you, you're so greedy".

4. To say "no" a Child is not a slave, is a full member of the family. To allow him to refuse is to violate its borders. Come up with a way to negotiate or explain to him why it is necessary to do what is sometimes not desirable.

5. Noise

Do not interrupt the children to the joy of childhood — let them sing songs and give out different sounds on the street. After all, we live in a time in their life will never happen again.

6. Be afraid Little children may be frightened of the doctor with an injection or an unfamiliar relative, and it is natural for them. Instead of shame, for fear, it is better to explain to a child why they shouldn't be afraid, take the hand or a hug to let him know that you are near.

7. To have secrets

The older children become, the more they need personal space. Of course, parents should control the child's life, but you need to respect his personal boundaries. After all, a child's trust is precious, and not worth the risk, divulging childhood secrets and hidden reading diaries.

8. Angry and jealous of the Child's human and just like adults, have the right to have negative feelings: anger, envy, etc. Parents need to remember that willpower at this age, yet not fully formed, so the child is much more difficult to control yourself. The fact that any of the emotions we think are "bad", does not mean that the child should immediately stop exercise it.

9. Wrong

Everyone scared to make a mistake, and even worse, when you hurry or scold an adult for incorrectly buttoned shirt. No wonder, if after such child rashochetsya ever try to do something myself.

Illustrator Mariya Zavolokina specifically for the Website

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