15 ways to turn ordinary rope in designer fashion


What we especially love the vastness of the Internet? Of course, beyond the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal ideas that help transform ordinary objects into the hell of cool stuff.

We are in the Website more than once convinced that stylish does not mean expensive. This collection of alterations of the rope that will add zest to any interior - another proof

Stand hot aa72aa9999.jpg

. Lovely coasters hot from this blog you can link directly to the fingers.

Funny glasses for stationery 57bc4c3c38.jpg

These cute seals, coasters always be pleasing to the eye.

Laundry basket 2c08d671af.jpg

This simple alteration of the usual basket succeed, even for beginners.

Frame mirror eaa5c92647.jpg

An easy way to update the interior is available here.

Vase for fruits 6ecd0fbeb6.jpg

The original vase for lovers of unusual things.

Swing 1fcc271f22.jpg

Children will be delighted by this idea.

stylish accessories 79f834c38b.jpg

These bright decorations are ideal for summer images.

Lampshades fad844020a.jpg

No more broken lampshades with this shade of rope.

Bright mat 2b407b7f5d.jpg

How to create the original mat, you learn in this blog.

Coffee table e23f61fa2a.jpg

Make this an unusual coffee table will help workshop.

Hanging Shelf f3d1c3e5c0.jpg

to establish such shelves instructions here.

Flowerpots 2032129fd9.jpg

Transform ordinary plastic pots, as shown here.

Baskets details c3cb784452.jpg

The ideal solution is to store different detail.

Braided hammock c57cebf2c9.jpg

Weave a cool hammock can be from the usual ropes.

Ottoman Garden 4cb74aa32f.jpg

Such steep ottomans for the garden of the old tires and ropes can be made most.

Photos on the preview: quiet-corner, plowhearthcdn

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