Set Pack: imagine fashion designer bag

It's hard to find a child who doesn't like constructors. Whether it is simple or complex Lego model of a Caravel, fun useful equally well develops motor skills and trains thinking. And, most importantly, already at the tender age allows you to be creative. It is not surprising that the passion for the whole design of the small parts often grows with its bearer. For example, Ali Verspoor (Alei Verspoor) – girl adult. But still loves to play "collect frenzy". And inviting others to join her, erecting of special modules exclusive backpack or bag called Pack.

Pack is a simple modular system based on the principle of "do it yourself". According to the designer, for a certain amount you get a set of dense processed strips of cloth of different colors, some ready-made fragments of similar textures and accessories. All you have to do – basic weaving skills and a little patience. Pokoriv some time over the puzzle and use the drawing (or solely in a flight of fancy), get an original bag or backpack of their own production.

Every component of the designer Pack is the same in material, texture, size. So they are interchangeable. And if your bags sprung a leak, the bottom or the handle breaks, you can always quickly "fix" them, without resorting to the services of the master. No one will notice. And therefore (in theory), Pack will be able to serve his master faith-the truth, at least a dozen years.

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