The greatest battle of a bygone era (20 photos)

Joe Frazier bout with Muhammad Ali, has become one of the most important in the history of boxing.
Two undefeated until the fighter heavyweights met in the ring in 1971 in NYS.
Ali was stripped of his title for refusing to fight the champion in Vietnam.
Look how the match.

Ali long Frazer urged to fight constantly teased, insulted in the press.

That such is my answer to you - says Fraser - but know Ali, this time you angered me seriously. & Quot;

And that, and that already can not make a joke? - Well, what in the Humorous conversation do not you think? You're joking, I laughed, too - and you take to heart ... The fight was appointed to in March 1971.

Ali was preparing for battle, he sparred on the street

How to prepare for battle Fraser knows, there is only this image.

The day of the fight. Muhammad Ali to sleep.

Joe Frazier in thought played the trumpet.

Then another and sang in the ring

View and listen to the fight Frazer came the great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis.

Frank Sinatra.

More some famous dude.

The first five rounds were held in equal fight

in the 6th Fraser pressed Ali to the ropes and held a powerful attack to the body and head.

In the 8th round, the referee did Ali caution for passivity. Mohammed decided to take his aggressive opponent into submission, but the Fraser kept taking it. However, he himself whole face was swollen from the blows opponent.

At the beginning of the 15th round came finest hour Frazer. Ali dropped his right hand to strike the bottom, and at this moment, Joe threw him a left hook to the jaw. Mohammed fell, quickly got up and finished the fight on his feet, but irrevocably lost.

So ended this fight.

I did busi- enjoy yourself safely!



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