Things that we never think (7 photos)

I want to remind you about the things that concern all of us, but for some reason we do not think about them.
Let's go ...

1. Your stomach is smarter than you think

Either the gastrointestinal tract has more neurons than many animals have in their brain! Their number and significance suggests that the stomach we have a second brain.

2. Are you covered with hair just like chimpanzees

On the human body hair has the same structure as in most other primates. We are different from chimpanzees only the thickness and length of hair, but not their number and location.

3. Your DNA has in its composition viruses

One of the biggest surprises us prepodnesёnnyh disclosure of the human genome, was the fact that our DNA consists partly of viruses. Viruses can not reproduce on their own - so some of them have found a clever way to "build" their DNA into the host cell to be copied later. If the virus inserts its DNA into sperm or egg cell, resulting offspring can carry viral DNA in each of its cells. Throughout human evolution, it happened so often that it is now at least 9% of our genome - a virus genes.

4. Your body is much younger than you


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