Weird experimental chairs and stools One by One

A strange metal design, studded with multi-colored rings of different sizes could be anything: the remnants of plumbing, parts of a Bicycle, the futuristic sculpture... However, this project is nothing short of experimental furniture series One by One, the author of which was Spanish designer Alejandro Zeror (Alejandro Ceron). Knowing this designer as a great lover of strange projects and the furniture is not similar, there is nothing surprising in the fact that it's the way they designed stools and chairs for home and office.

Call the chairs of the series One by One cozy and comfortable home language is not rotated, but if the idea is to make the interior colorful, rainbow, holiday, and however, amazing and surprising, this furniture will have just to the court. Chairs and stools, studded with colored silicone "bagels" in the first place like children — because they are so similar to horses, which can be saddled up and on obstacles that can be overcome by crawling under them or climbing to the top!

Furniture, namely, metal frames, which are the basis of stools and chairs made by hand. And since the silicone rings are easy to remove, move and swap, this will allow you to string them in a random order, thus modifying the appearance of the chairs, and visually enlarge or reduce their size. Is it possible to change the design of the chair or stool and bending or straightening metal frame, the author does not specify. Apparently, he is confident that the proposed options will suit, if not all, most of the potential owners of experimental furniture One by One.

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