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According to Israeli nutritionists, food abuse – nothing like the full discrepancy between reason and action, consumption and the body's needs. Tarnished figure – not the worst consequence of excess weight. It is also a disorder of peripheral blood circulation and lymph circulation, various metabolic disorders, including gallstones and urolithiasis, diabetes. Plus to this possible “bouquet” of sores – reduced resistance of the organism to various activators of infectious and pyoinflammatory diseases, respiratory illnesses.
However, all this can optionally be avoided. Most importantly, do not despair, because to lose weight everyone can. Don't rush. The optimal rate of weight loss – 2-3 kgs in a month.

Israeli doctors recommend to strictly consider the compatibility of products. For example, meat, eggs, cheese can be combined with green vegetables, but do not have milk, starchy foods, sour fruits, sour cream, butter and vegetable oils. The fish is combined only with green vegetables. Milk “not friends” with nothing. Fats useful to use only with cereals and green vegetables. Green vegetables good protein and starch. Non-acidic fruits are best eaten alone or with milk, but it is undesirable to combine them with grain, bread, protein.
It is best to drink only water and pure, without mineral inclusions (filtered, boiled). Juices, milk, yogurt experts attribute to the food.

Diet regime in their understanding is not an exception from the diet of those or other products and their rational consumption taking into account compatibility, caloric content and digestibility. “Sit” on any one product or even several not only bad, but dangerous for health. Even a few days a sensible diet will give a positive result.

In the morning on an empty stomach: from the teaspoon to a tablespoon of olive oil.

After 15 minutes: a glass of yogurt or fresh yogurt.
First Breakfast: salad from vegetables, a choice of oatmeal or buckwheat, peas, corn, cheese, boiled soft-boiled egg (every other day), unsweetened tea, preferably green.
Second Breakfast: (12:00-12:30) 200-300 g unsweetened fruit.
Lunch (14:30-15:00): salad vegetable, salad, vegetable soup, or borscht, boiled or steam meat (boiled or baked fish); black bread – one slice, baked Apple.
Snack (18:00-18:30): 300 g of unsweetened fruit.
Dinner: a glass of kefir or yogurt, fruit mixture. Fruit mix is especially useful for people with problems in the bowel.

It is this: mix equal amounts of dry dates, apricots, figs, prunes and walnuts. These medicinal products can be taken with water or tea.

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