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Many people want to have a normal waist, it's beautiful, but not everyone knows how to achieve this. Below the waist was thinner, at least a few inches, primarily get rid of excess fat that is deposited to a greater extent on the ventral wall of the abdomen. Strengthen all the abdominal muscles: a straight, transverse and oblique, and back muscles. And hold the waist not only muscle, but also with a belt.
In their classroom can use the suggested exercises to strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen, which will make your waist thinner. Repeat each of them 12-16 times.

1. Starting position — lying on your back, arms along the body. Bend feet, stops put on a floor. Tilt your bent legs to the left until they touch the floor, then to the right. To complicate the exercise, if the movements of the feet to provide resistance with his hands or take the help of a partner.
2. I. p. — same. Hands spread them apart and bent the legs slightly and lift up. Turn the feet until the knees touch the floor, first in one and then in the other side.
3. I. p. — same. Lift straight legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Tilt your feet in one and then in the other direction, gradually increase range of motion.
4. I. p. — lying on his stomach on the bench face down, hands put on head, foot lock. Straightening, twist your torso to one, then the other side, with elbows try to take as much as possible to the side.
5. I. p. — same. Lower your head and shoulders, hands on his head. Unfold, turn left, look up at the ceiling, bend down and unfold again, turning to the right.
6. I. p. — standing. At the level of the shoulder attach to the door (or wall) one end of the expander (or thick rubber harness), take the other end in your right hand and become out the door. Turn to the left, stretching the expander. The same with the left hand and turning to the right.
7. I. p. - sitting on a bench, feet clip, brush put on the back of the head. Lean back, try to rotate the face back, one, then the other side.

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8. I. p. — lying on his stomach, arms along the body. Follow the circular movements of the torso in either direction.
9. I. p. — lying on the floor on the right side. Hold hands for support. Pull both legs to the left (lift). The same on the other side.
10. I. p. — lying on his right side, feet to put on the seat of a chair or sofa. Pushing down on the seat, lift your upper body. The same on the other side.
11. In vis on the rings or horizontal bar follow the circular movements of the legs and torso with a large amplitude in each direction for 15 to 20 s.
12. I. p. — standing for “disk health”, turn the torso slightly bent legs, hands diluted in hand, for 3-5 min.
If you decided to make the waist thinner, than you have it, incorporate into my lessons, General developmental, corrective, hopping and Jogging exercise. But do focus on strengthening direct (4-5 exercises) and the oblique muscles of the abdomen (3-4). Do the exercises from different starting positions, alternate them so my muscles were very tired.
Try to implement all the recommendations — your waistline will become thinner after about 1-2 months.


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