Posture and abdominal muscles. The most harmful exercise for the spine

Perhaps now only the lazy does not speak about the abdominal muscles. Indeed, slim waist and strong abdominal muscles attractive and beautiful and have men and women. But the role of the abdominals is not only about beauty but also health. These muscles form the abdominal wall. Imagine that they would not be internal organs stretched the skin of the abdomen to enormous sizes.

These muscles are only three on each side, and the most attractive of the abdominal rectus muscles. They tied with sinew crosspieces, and these six pack muscle fibers and is a symbol of excellence to most men, watching their appearance. Start the abdominal rectus muscles from the ribs and attach to the pelvic bones. Their task is to bend the lumbar spine.

Abdominal muscles

The sides from the rectus muscles are located external to, and underneath the internal obliques. Because the direction of their fibers are oblique, then they can run, and rotation of the torso. Well, the deepest is the transverse abdominis, which can only be visible to the surgeon during the operation on the abdomen.

Let us feel the work of the abdominal muscles. It is better to sit in the chair. Now slightly bend forward at the waist, at the same time tensing the abdominal muscles. Now, keeping tension in your abs, slowly unbend the torso and lower back. Just at this moment you will feel the power of these muscles.

With long, deep back muscles the abdominal muscles are working the stabilizers of the lower back. That is, they are, quite simply, keep the lower back in the desired position. But if you read carefully, you noticed that the muscles of the anterior and lateral abdominal wall is not attached to the spine. How did they manage to keep the vertebrae?

The fact that they belong to the lower lumbar lever, which, as you remember, associated with the bones of the pelvis and lower lumbar vertebrae. His work is easy to understand the example of baby rocker swing. If you firmly take up one end of the swing, then the second will also be stationary. It works the abdominal muscles.

Physiological, correct posture reduces the perception of pain. People with straight back is faster and easier healing from pain, which does not become chronic.

When the voltage of the pelvic bones are fixed, that is, one end of the lever is strengthened, of course, the other end in the form of the vertebrae also holds the specified position. Another consequence of the tension of the abdominal muscles is a parallel installation of the vertebral bodies relative to each other. This means that the pressure inside the intervertebral disc is uniformly distributed and does not push the nucleus of the disc to the outside – there is the immediate prevention of herniation of the disc.

Habit to keep your abs in good shape has not at all. Usually the abdominal muscles are weakened especially in people with PLANO-concave and round-concave posture. That is, those who have lumbar bending pronounced too much. Moreover, such a posture is not the cause but the consequence of the weakness of the abdominal muscles. Weak press just can't make the pelvic bones more horizontal position the tilt angle of the pelvis increases, and the lumbar curvature develops in a rather deep hole.

Always hold your abs in tension when the load on the lumbar spine. For example, during the move from the apartment to the cottage. How many times do you have to lean forward and behind a small box, and a heavy bag. If the abdominal muscles in these relaxed moments, like the time you unbend and lift cargo, all efforts via the lower arm are transmitted to the lumbar intervertebral discs. And in some they do not stand up – there is a crack and then a hernia, and also other troubles.

It is important to keep your abs in tension with significant physical loads on the lumbar spine. It is believed that training weightlifting belt protects the lower back when working with heavy weight during exercise. However, if you during heavy lifting will strain the abdominal muscles, the benefits of such belt will be enough. Even with tight-drawn strap, you need to consciously contract the muscles of the abdomen, then you can weight lift heavier, and lower back to save.


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The most harmful exercise for the spine

There are many exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles. Among them are both useful and dangerous, is harmful especially for the spine. For example, the most harmful exercise when training the abdominal muscles is lifting the torso from a prone position with fixed feet.published

I. A. Borshchenko, "System "Live bearing"




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