Psychological causes deposits of fat in certain areas

To remove belly fat, you need only stop and consider that you are worse than others!Recent observations of psychologists we can make the following assumption: the fat cells in our body accumulate unevenly, which is caused by different psychological causes.


Fat in the back and shoulders

On the body some women, the extra pounds are distributed in the region of the upper back and shoulders. They have a clearly visible double chin, and hands are usually full and lush, the back is the "withers", and in the upper part of the shoulders formed near massive dense cushion.

Quite often women have that body take on excessive responsibility for other people. They care about all, strive to help everyone to solve any problem, by nature very active and responsive.

They say: "Everything rests on her shoulders." Such an excessive burden leads to fatigue. From her body trying to hide behind a thick layer of fat that the load was not felt as keenly.

Another reason for accumulation of fat of this nature can be "cargo" from the past. The woman drags the experiences and emotions of the events that have passed and which should be forgotten and discarded, but she always returns to him.

How to remove fat from the back?

Case study: Irina could not get rid of fullness of the arms, massive shoulders, double chin. After talking with a psychologist revealed the fact that a woman is at work under stress. Consistently. The chief pressure on her, because of what Irina is afraid of him. In addition, she performs other people's work, because I do not know how to refuse others. Quite often, the woman is in the position to blame.

In order to remove fat Irina began to allow myself to relax, have fun and be entertained. The fact that in the past prevented, considering that it has no right to it. For starters signed up for a massage at one of the beauty salons getting my hair done, went to fitness club and to see more friends.

After a while she learned to defend their rights and to say "No" in situations where the woman tried to shift the work of its employees. Initially Irene was scared that she would be fired for such courage.

However, the result was the opposite: colleagues began to respect her chief recognized her competence and professionalism, and even consults with Irina about many issues. By the way, her weight began to decrease!

When discovering on his body the excess fat in your shoulders and back worth thinking about: Not much you shouldered responsibilities? If you are not too zealous in caring and care about other people? Maybe your efforts are not really needed? Maybe they take for granted?

Try to free yourself from extra work, relieve the burden of responsibility for everyone around, it is worth to realize that first and foremost, the attention and care you need! Relax, do what pleases you. Leave all the unpleasant experiences in the distant past, let go and forget about them. Life has changed and is getting better. Now everything will be fine!

Fat in the abdomen and waist

For many women (even very full) the main problem is the presence of belly fat. Why it is so difficult to get rid of? Because the stomach is the center of vitality. He is responsible for communications with the outside world and communication.

The presence of two fat folds in the area of the solar plexus talking about the weak implementation of human rights in relations with people and society.

Usually women of this type are insecure, clamped and closed. They tend to acutely feel their own weakness and fear of ridicule, aggression and pressure. Often, they are all uncomfortable, they attach too much importance to what they think other people. Women with this body Constitution is very concerned with their appearance and almost always dissatisfied with himself. Because of all this, the body tries to protect the most important thing – your center, that is, the stomach, and wraps his thick layer of fat.

To remove belly fat, you need only stop and consider that you are worse than others!

In addition, the abdomen is responsible for relations with the opposite sex. It focuses our sexual energy. The presence of excess fat in the abdomen indicates unwillingness to light and harmonious relations with a partner, says that people are closed from the vicinity.

How to remove belly fat?

Case study: Young girl Olga was chubby from childhood. She is still at school age I realized that the guys on it do not pay attention, and put up with this state of Affairs. Really jealous of my friends, who went with the guys to the movies and to discos. It seemed to her that she's never going to happen, because even the diet did not help to lose weight.

However, with the onset of the twentieth anniversary Olya quickly get rid of excess weight. She went to a belly dancing modern craze, which is considered a symbol of femininity and sexuality.

Through this dance liberating the abdomen, waist is flexible and thin, and the woman feels its mystery and appeal. The problem is to eliminate "belly fat" doesn't bother me anymore!

Those women who have such a protective zone should raise their self-esteem, to love yourself, to stop putting your life in dependence on the opinions of others. In addition, you must fully liberated and to give the opportunity to your feminine energy to flow freely. In any case, this is not a call for riotous living!

The point is to overcome fears of communication with the opposite sex and start to develop their feminine nature. Only by loving and feel a real woman you can get rid of the extra pounds on my stomach!

Fat in the hips and legs

Too big thighs and fat cushions on them are evidence of children's fears and grievances that have found a place in this area. For example, a conflict of fathers and children, relationships with parents, nedolyublennosti or lack of understanding from loved ones. Hiding these hurts deep inside, we are their whole life, and they manifest themselves in this way.

How to remove fat from the thighs?

Case study: Heavy and too full calves of the legs, tendency to edema indicate a life stagnant, unfulfilled energy and fear of change and movement. In this situation, you should think: maybe it is time to be active?

Legs Tatiana was very swollen. After talking with the psychologist it became clear that she had inconvenienced the job that she has now. About a new and more interesting place of work for her to even think it was scary.

However, Tatiana has decided to actively seek a new job, and drew her in so that swelling gone unnoticed themselves. Today it has been working successfully in the new place and receives from its activities, the fun.

To remove fat from thighs, you first need to get rid of complexes and fears, the oppressive childhood. It would be useful to see a specialist. But it is possible that you will work it out. Try to articulate their problems and feelings about the painful experiences of childhood close and understanding person. Do it in the light of fire or candle.

Motivate yourself by the fact that all the hurt and the fears burn in the flames, and you finally get rid of them, and now will be easy and happy life. Very well after this procedure take a shower or go swimming. If the problem lies in the relationship with your parents, make sure your internal conflict is gone.Older people re impossible, they are accepted for what they already have. You can sympathize with the parents, to relieve tension, and remove the excess from my thighs! published

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