How to get rid of fat on the outer and inner thighs

Most women on the lower body going fat deposits in the legs and abdomen, since these areas are often less involved in everyday life. As to remove fat from hips at home is quite difficult, you need to regularly perform special exercises and follow a strict diet.

Exercises for outer side

Ears appear even quite thin women, and their formation depends on the shape of the muscles. To quickly remove the ugly breeches will help well-known exercises:

  • Starting position: kneeling with a straight back. Body weight transferred to hands;

  • In turn, raise the right angle the knees up. When the muscle is at maximum voltage, it is necessary to fix the position for a few seconds;

  • Repeat 50 times on each thigh.

When you need to lie on the floor on his side. This method will help to not only get rid of the tabs, but also from the sides at the waist, because it involves obliques. Raise legs up, trying to keep the muscle tense all the time. Do the maximum.

Very quickly remove fat from the outer thighs will help home super-set. Super set is a combination of several exercises that are repeated almost without interruption. This approach to losing weight allows you to use the maximum number of muscles and make them work at full power.

For example, very good is a super-set leg swings and lunges. These exercises will help remove fat from the front and outer parts of the thighs and to form the curvy shape of the buttocks. Lunges can be done in several ways:

  • Quickly jump over the elastic for 1.5 minutes (for beginners, you can reduce the time interval);

  • To push one leg forward and squat;

  • To stand still. After that, throw away the thigh in front of him, the second stays behind. In this position you need to sit below the knee to reach the floor. The main thing is to push the toe as far as possible below the second knee did not go for him while blowing.

Mahi in side very good for thighs, but the waist and lower abs. You need to draw on the wall with your hands and become to face her. Raise the legs up, locking on the endpoint. Do the maximum number of times.

Remove fat from the inner side

Most of the girls in this area, going to the most "assiduous" fats, they do not go away even after a long and exhausting diets.

To get rid of fat on inner thighs is possible by means of simple squats. Put your heels at shoulder width, preferably even wider. Under the heel you want to substitute the Mat or towel – this will create additional pressure. And slowly squat to the maximum depth. This smart treatment for the formation and tightening of the buttocks.

Also the inner thigh lose weight fast and get rid of fat with a simple scissors. You need to lie on your back, hands to clean under the head. Next, raise the legs at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the body and begin to make swings from side to side. Ugly fat it is possible to remove fast enough, and also tighten the skin. Many doctors recommend this method to correct sagging of the abdomen after childbirth.

To quickly remove fat with both internal and external parts of the thighs will help skipping or jumping rope. This is the harmless and simple exercise that will help to tighten the muscles of the arms and legs, remove cellulite and develop muscle flexibility and joint mobility. But you should not just jump, and following a special exercise program:

  • In the first week of rest should be two times more than the jump. For example, 20 seconds skipping ropes accounts for 40 guests;

  • Considered ideal indicators 180 jumps for 60 seconds;

  • The knees need to be lifted as high as possible, and you want to do overlaps a rope.

You need to understand that jumping is very hard on the muscles of the calf, so this option is not suitable for everyone. Suggest to see a video of these exercises and the results before and after.

Very good reviews about the rifts that can quickly remove the fat on both the inside and outside of the thighs. You need to squat and one leg put forward. Do smoothly rolls from one leg to another. Repeat for several minutes, it is desirable to measure the time.

Of course, any of the above exercise will be more effective if you use weights. It can be as special tools and improvised: water bottles, books, etc. After getting used to the loads should slightly increase the weight of the weights.


More complicated version of the exercise "plank"7 types "stupid" exercise

To speed up the fat burning process, You'll need to follow the correct diet. Not necessarily a special diet, just try to eliminate from the diet bad carbohydrates (sweets, soda), replacing them useful (cereals).published




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