8 simple knots that will help out in any situation

Things happen in life. For example, you need to climb a small height, to attach the load or to pull the car out of the pit. In such cases, can not do without a properly associated rope, so the ability to knit trusted sites — a very useful skill.

The website has decided to help you master the 8 most useful knots that will be useful in any situation.

Tightening the knot

How to do it. Take the end of a rope and fold it with the letter "Z". Short end to make 3-4 turns around the rope and threaded it into the lower hinge. Tighten the rope with the upper loop of the working.

Where to apply. This Assembly is conveniently secured to a variety of subjects. For example, to raise or lower objects with a narrow neck.

Tying poles

How to do it. To start making a regular knot on one of the slats. Then applied a second and do 5-8 turns around. The remaining end of the contractible harness, threading it between the poles.

Where to apply. Such strapping is quite durable and can be used to obtain a single long-legged pole, eliminating fracture or simple bind two or more sticks.

Node "Constrictor"

How to do it. In the center of the rope make a loop. Then one of the parties to turn over so that the rope was in the form of eight. Now take the center of the eight (intersection) and just fold the loop in the finished knot.

Where to apply. A feature of this site is that after torquing in the opposite direction he won't slip. "Constrictor" is suitable to tighten the bags, pinch a leaking rubber hose, tighten the rolled up carpet, you can even use it as a harness.

Node "Ladder"

How to do it. In the left hand take the end of the rope. Right hand reverse grip turn the loop and fix the rope in his left hand. The same repeat with the remaining rope. Then the end of the rope (which hangs from the bottom) is threaded into the loop, grab for it, tossing the rest. Now the rope is in knots, the period of which is equal to the size of the loop.

Where to apply. Such a rope can be used during the descent, ascent to altitude or to pull the car out of the pit.

"Barrel" node

How to do it. Put the object on the rope and tying it to the most common knot that tied the laces. Then the loop knot tie on the walls of the object and tighten.

Where to apply. This node is often used for lifting heavy round objects. In addition, it is convenient to pick up multiple items at once. Or use the handles for buckets, cans, drums.

Knot "Prusik"

How to do it. Take the edge of the loop of thin rope and make 3-4 turns around the main rope while reeving the end through the loop. Without load this site perfectly glides on the rope and can easily be moved by hand. But if the node the load is fed, it is tightened firmly and will not budge.

Where to apply. Through such sites, you can easily climb the rope at any height or hang any object.

The Node "Handle"

How to do it. Measure the rope lengths so that it fits around a large flat object. The ends of the rope tie a regular knot, and the rest of the loop to the other side, so the rope was on 1/3 of the height of the subject. Get in the middle of the rope on both sides and use as a carrying handle.

Where to apply. Convenient for carrying large flat items that are difficult to reach by hand. The grip in the center of the center of gravity allows effortless tilt thing when climbing up and down the stairs.

Reef knot

How to do it. Take two ropes and cross them (red over blue) to form Palouse. Cross them one more time (red over blue) and tighten both ends to form a reef knot.

Where to apply. One of the easiest knots to tie two ropes. You can use if you need something temporary to tie under light loads. Under high loads on the cables associated with the wet straight knot much delayed. But to unleash its very simple.

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko specifically for the Website

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