34 brilliant way to make your apartment more comfortable

What is the secret of cozy homes? In an ideal layout, comfortable furniture, a wonderful out of the window? Perhaps, then, everything is important. But even a luxury apartment can play a small apartment, which has details. Details, décor, miraculously transforms the space. And the best part is that sometimes they can do with their hands cheaply.

Team Website offers a selection of great ideas that will help create a special atmosphere in the apartment.

1. Vase "Cactus"

To make such an original vase, use detailed advice. You may want something to complement their crafts or make it into another dimension.

2. Lovely hammock for the living room or nursery

Cozy gamachok will delight you in the living room and bedroom. Is your child in the children's pleasure in him rest or read a book. You can do it yourself.

3. Succulents stylish pots

Your sad in an inconspicuous succulent pot? We sell add bright colors! This stylish decorating technique is available to all.

4. Mirror-sun of wooden planks

It would seem that the conventional tablets. And what happened the magic mirror! This idea is you can bring your own, using the advice of the designer.

5. Colorful office in your room

You can repaint the desk and chair in your favorite color, made from an old picture time-sheet and add a few gizmos pleasing the eye.

6. Soft toy shelf

But incredibly simple but very nice and useful shelf of tissue. A few tips to help you do it with your hands.

7. Panels in the Japanese style

There are no boundaries for the imagination. The main thing - the elegance of the lines and originality

8.. Sheep fleece instead of cushions

Tired of the usual pillow? Look who it is sitting on a chair! Such a cute lamb pillows adorn any corner of your home.

9. Stairs for all occasions

Stairs can be functional or decorative. And sometimes, both.

10. For those who love to cook with spices

I like to add fragrant spices, but not always immediately find the desired? Then it is necessary to take note of this idea.

11. Natural elements in your living room

The universal idea for all rooms. You can do a few shelves of different sizes in your favorite colors.

12. Curtains-macrame

Macrame in marine colors, made with love and good humor, will give you a lot of positive emotions.

13. Place to charge the phone

"Charge here." Great idea!

14. Glass bottles, radiating positive

Glass bottles? Yes, a simple bottle, special paint and your imagination. Try it and you will not regret.

15. The original idea for the storage of books

Once a board, two plate ... But nice out. And the spacious way.

16. Colorful mat at the entrance

Let's say there is no dull mats on the doorstep! And you need to do nothing at all - paint brush and irrepressible imagination

17.. Terrarium + coffee table

Here is a genuine synthesis. A guide, of course, are attached.

18. Homemade headboard transform bed

They say a stylish headboard can change our lives for the better. Well worth a try. All the more so for this you will need quite a bit of time and materials.

19. Hours of photos or pictures

And what happens if you add up the hours and photos? Perhaps something wonderful!

20. The idea of ​​everything for changing table

Favorite baby diapers, undershirts, rattles and bottles ... An unforgettable time! How do you want to equip all first class.

21. Bright home bar

for wines and other alcoholic beverages The bar can be a highlight of the living room. And this idea is likely to be an inspiration to you.

22. House for cups

Everyone and everything has to be your house. And how!

23. Retrotorsher

Retro charm - like a breath of wind from the past. Grandma's lace can be useful to you in creating the most exquisite details of your home.

24. Playing with color

Bright colors - it's special magic. They break into your life, increasing the number of smiles every day.

25. Children's area with wardrobes and a window seat

Such a nice wardrobe with shelves and sofa accustom your kids to order. A window in the middle is the source of sunlight.

26. Fancy wallpaper for kitchen

Unexpected ideas are very successful. If you like experiments, then do not hesitate!

27. Vase from metal screen

In the construction department you will find his future vase. It remains only to take a decorative thread and give it a shape. And do not forget to prepare a jar of suitable size.

28. The idea for a big family

That children do not confuse your robe or towel. By analogy, you can make a small photo to all family members.

29. Orchids and candles

Romance is always current. Several original candlesticks and exquisite flowers will set the mood discreetly to your evening.

30. Cabinet-mirror jewelry

You have a lot of beautiful jewelry? Then you may be interested in a secret cupboard behind the mirror. It can be done by hand without any cost.

31. Oasis of comfort

Loggia and balcony can become a haven of relaxation, if you add a few accessories.

32. Memories of the Sea

Ah, the sea! Taking a walk on the coastal sand or gravel, we always try to take the memory of an elegant shell, or an unusual stone. But of them will turn out amazing candle or flower pots for.

33. Stylish photo frames

Frames - a wonderful opportunity to draw their memories. In the embodiment of this idea, every family member will be able to express their imagination.

34. The friendly mat

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