20 impressive examples of engineering


Engineers - very ordinary people. And sometimes they invent so that the hair stand on end. In the edition of Website has accumulated quite a collection of ingenious engineering solutions, and today we are sharing it with you. For our readers - fresh idea of ​​using duct tape, the second life of an office chair, and more

I'm not going to strain your hand to hold the phone.! 3eb0460482.jpg

What keeps everything cool. 44f9c0bde1.jpg

Security. Tightness. Reliability. 6343315e6d.jpg

mean "I do not have lights?" And what's that? 9cd1c26ba1.jpg

Swing on the remote control: the Pope and recreation, and the joy of a child. 8bc4da90ce.jpg

But BMW! d463f28048.jpg

stiralka truckers. a13908462a.jpg

That moment when the socket is on a two-meter height, and it is necessary to charge the tablet ... 247ed54c4a.jpg

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Creative solved the problem. 25b4d7f9c3.jpg

When to go to the switch too lazy. 286ff22752.jpg

It plywood ... ?! 3befca6f8a.jpg

A very convenient solution for those who are too relaxed in the bath, and forget about the book in his hands. b146378966.jpg

second week. It seems that home began to suspect ... ab44c4b124.jpg

Well, bon appetit ... dbd4f5e87f.jpg

Why drag up cup when you can not reach to the cup? 1bb4693c59.jpg

seems to be convenient. 9cb49db586.jpg

This is a garbage disposal. 0cc0bc7125.jpg

Laziness - engine of progress! eb33c859bc.jpg

I do not know, should work as before. 06e368b1b0.jpg

should help. 86fb91f7a0.jpg

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