Sprain the child: causes, symptoms and treatment

Learning the world, children often receive bruises, contusions, sprains or other injuries. Sprain in children has its own peculiarities of treatment and rehabilitation. Ligaments called dense bundles of connective tissue, whose purpose is to strengthen the joints.

Ligaments can be subjected to stretching and tearing when sudden movements or heavy loads, despite its strength. Pain and swelling in the injured ligaments due to the presence of large amounts of blood vessels and nerve fibers. Also, when the ligament damage is not excluded a complete rupture or partial tear of a ligament.

Causes sprains have metabolica mechanical loading is one of the most common causes of sprains. This can be, for example, a sudden movement of the joint, which exceeded the normal range of motion. The most common are sprains of the ankle, the knee and elbow joints.

The symptoms of sprain have reincarcarea ligaments in children is accompanied by severe, acute pain. But there are times when children do not feel pain while continuing to move. In such a situation, the harm to the child can be increased. After several hours in the area of ligament damage there is swelling, disturbed function of the joint, increasing pain.

Three degrees of sprains:First – damaged minor extent of the area of the ligament. Recommended sparing treatment of the affected limb. The second was a partial tear of the ligament, there is swelling, severe pain, can be bruising. Third, there was a complete rupture of the ligament. Accompanied by sharp and severe pain, formation of hematomas, severe edema. When ligament rupture in the ankle joint it becomes impossible to walk on the injured limb. A joint in the subsequent is often prone to sprains and dislocations.

Provide first omosessualita first aid can prevent the development of serious consequences and greatly facilitate the treatment itself. Consider what should be first aid. The first thing to put the child or put immediately after the injury.

Injured foot, or the handle is necessary to ensure the immobility. It is necessary to immobilize the joint by applying tight bandages to the area of the damaged joint. If the tension of the third degree, when the joint has abnormal mobility, is necessary to impose a bus from available scrap materials. This can be a durable range of plywood, Board.

The bus is on two sides, and then covered with a bandage thus to immobilize the joint. It will ease the pain baby. Also to alleviate the child's need for a couple of hours to put something cold on it (wrapped in a towel) to the injured place. If you experience swelling of the injured limb it is necessary to lift, you might have to put the baby.

Ointments, which have anti-inflammatory components that will be a good tool for application to the injured limb. They allow you to relieve the pain effectively and quickly. After 5-10 days, the signs of a sprain at first and second degree must vanish.

Leczenie as a therapeutic treatment applies physiotherapy treatments. If necessary, a child is prescribed injections of anti-inflammatory drugs. For early recovery may be appointed physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is often used, to treat second and third degree sprains. Exercises are chosen depending on the nature of the damage and age of the child and assigned when the swelling and pain disappear.

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