How to treat vocal cords the

Reasons, leading to hoarseness, or a substantial loss of voice, excessive load on the vocal cords, complications of colds, numerous stress.

The recommendations of the experts — how to heal vocal cords full recovery of normal speech contains tips on the use of total silence in the early stages of the disease. Also, do not need much to strain your voice in these times because when attempting pronunciation of words even in a whisper causing severe stress to his vocal cords. When breathing you want to use the nose, thus there is adequate warming and humidification.

During the procedure of treatment of vocal cords prohibited gargling with club soda, as the soda inherent irritant effect on the ligaments. She ought to smoke, drink alcohol, spicy and salty. You should drink warm milk quality and suitable mineral water.

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How to treat vocal cords the

Next we will talk about what methods should be used in loss of voice. First and foremost, you must resort to copious drinking of warm fluids in the form of fruit drinks, herbal teas, mineral water. It also wonderfully helps hot fresh beer, a bit unusual, but the effect is almost one hundred percent.

• The easiest and most common answer to the question of how to treat the vocal cords in the home contains the method — solution of one tablespoon of honey in a glass of warm milk, to drink in small SIPS. To obtain the desired effect of this prophylactic is recommended to take three times a day. For better digestibility after ingestion of warm milk with honey to get some fresh air only an hour. This recipe is also perfect for children with a dead voice.

• Very useful are inhalation, containing an aromatic oil; gargling with herbal decoctions; the application of hot mustard baths for feet.

• Since bundles are very fond of heat, for night to do sex alcohol compresses to the neck region.

• Treatment of vocal cords folk remedies can hold in this infusion: two tablespoons of dried raspberry mixed with two tablespoons of pure vegetable oil and add one teaspoon of finely chopped ginger. All components are poured into a thermos, pour two cups of boiling water and insist during the night. Taken one hour before eating a few mouthfuls.

• A good way to strengthen the vocal cords is gargling. A small handful of onion peel pour a glass of boiling water, boil on heat for 5 minutes, insist to cool and filter. Rinsing should be 3 times a day or immediately if you experience discomfort in the ligaments.

• Also useful decoction of 100 g of anise fruit, poured a glass of plain water, boil fifteen minutes, then cool, strain and add a couple of tablespoons of liquid honey. All the components warm up a bit, mix thoroughly and add 1 tablespoon of brandy. This broth should drink 1 tbsp every half hour warm.

• If you don't know how to treat the vocal cords, but you got potatoes, it's good to strengthen them will help rinse the raw potato juice three times a day.

• When frustrated voice you can apply a treatment with honey and horseradish. Small roots of horseradish RUB and pour boiling water — 100 g, to insist in a sealed container for a couple of hours. To drink with little quantity of honey after every one hour of a teaspoon for one day.



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