Simple method beauty self-massage for wrinkles

Despite the fact that self-massage is different from massage carried out in special conditions, it is a good remedy for cosmetic skin care face and neck. Effective means for the prevention of wrinkles is massage.

The convenience of self-massage is that it can be performed daily and independently, without anyone's help. To execute it takes a bit of time at the same instructional method is simple and available to anyone. The most effective self-massage, produced in alternation with facial gymnastics, as well as nourishing masks and creams.

Counterbalance all the advantages of this type of massage is that it is impossible to apply all the skills and abilities. This is because not every massage technique can be used during self-massage. Another disadvantage is that when the massage is impossible to achieve complete relaxation of all muscles, and this is one of the main requirements, which is the key to the greatest effect.

The main contraindications for performing massage are the same contraindications, and his conduct on the face:

  • excessive hair growth on the surface of the skin,
  • the dilated vessels,
  • enough pronounced layer of subcutaneous fat.
Conduct self-massage can be daily or every 2 days, spending 5 to 15 minutes. Efficiency is not dependent on the time of the procedure. It is not recommended to make a massage just before bedtime to avoid its violation. When performing self-massage before going out you should wipe the face with a cloth, then grease with a cream and setting powder.

A relaxed and comfortable position in front of the mirror — the main requirement to conduct self-massage. When you execute the movements necessary to keep their hands clean, dry and warm. Preliminary preparation of the skin to conduct self-massage is no different from its preparation to perform this procedure in a beauty salon.

To make a massage need in the direction of the skin lines.

A combination of techniques when performing self-massage can be varied. The simplest way of massage is applied to the skin cream, accompanied by soft movements for skin lines.

Apply the cream on the skin in two ways.

1. The cream is applied with a cotton swab dipped in boiled water which is then allocated lightly.

2. Cream first is superimposed on the palm and then distributed to the skin of the inner parts and the fingertips.

Lubricating the skin and in the eye area, care should be taken that is valid only gentle movements and pressure in the direction of the skin lines.

When performing self-massage, you can use this technique as effleurage. Movements must be performed with fingertips and soft energetic.

To achieve the greatest effect of effleurage is performed with the pads of four fingers tightly pressed against each other, with both hands. On the area of skin around the eyes can be produced only a mild tapping with the pads of all fingers, except the big ones. The simplest and most practical technique of self-massage is a light effleurage.

Along with other techniques when performing a self-massage uses stroking. It should be performed in a slow tempo, light, smooth movements. Needless rhythmic stroking of the lower efficiency. Insomnia and headaches are recommended to soft stroking. They should be performed with fingertips or the inner parts of the palms. Movement in the right side of his face should be right-hand, left — left.

Widely used in the massage have techniques such as tapping, rubbing, pressing. The skin lost its elasticity, the movement should be performed smoothly.

To smooth forehead wrinkles and slowing down the process further their education should produce self-massage as described below.

You must first clean the skin in the forehead and warm it (do it best with a warm compress). Then the skin in the direction of the skin lines, you must distribute the nourishing cream. The pads of the three fingers (index, middle, ring) of both hands need to perform a smooth stroking motion in the frontal part of the face from the eyebrows to the hair roots: movements on the left side of his forehead should be done with the left hand, the right — right. After that you need to perform the stroking the inner parts of the palms in the direction from the Central part of the forehead to the temples. Then you should do the first move again. When the stroking is finished, you must attach palm to forehead, slight pressure, and then to produce a vibrating motion.

If the frontal part of the face has many wrinkles, you should perform the tapping, first in vertical and then in horizontal direction.

To smooth out wrinkles formed between the eyebrows, they need to make the inner part of the wrist and a little pressure. The wrist should be pre-lubricated with cream (nourishing or hydrating). To increase the efficiency of all the movements should be 3-4 times. The final stage of the massage must be smooth stroking.

With special care you need to make massage on the skin around the eyes, especially in the presence in this area of wrinkles and puffiness, otherwise, the skin in this part of the stretch. On the skin apply the cream using light pokolachivanii fingertips, producing alternating movement. All movements must be performed in the direction of the skin lines.

For smoothing wrinkles under the lower eyelids, they should be soft pressure with your fingers, which smeared with cream. Wrinkles located on the outer corners of the eyes, to smooth the path of pressure on the internal surface of the hand or wrist, also greased with cream, without moving the skin.

After that skin should apply the cream with fingertips using tapping movements: on the right cheek — right hand, left — left. Motion need to make in the direction of the skin lines. Then you can follow the strokes of the upper and middle sections of the cheeks, to hold them, should the pads of the index and middle fingers of both hands. Stroking the lower part of the cheeks and chin need to make the surfaces of the palms.

To maintain the elasticity of skin on cheeks and alienate them sagging, you need to perform regular effleurage with fingertips held tightly to each other. Movement should be the upward direction from chin to the lower eyelids of the eye.

The final step in massaging the cheeks should be stroking produced in the direction of the skin lines.

During the massage on the area of skin between the chin and neck you need to use the technique of patting the back of straightened fingers. Movement should be performed several times.


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Do this simple procedure every morning and minus 10 years guaranteed.


Receiving vigorous Pat chin is a good preventive measure against double chin. For best results it is recommended to make postukivanija wet towel: dampened with cool, slightly salted water or water with vinegar towel needs a good squeeze and roll bundle. Then take a towel over the ends and attach to the chin so that its center was in the middle of the chin. Then a towel should be tightened and then loosened. The procedure should be repeated several times, alternately generating first pohlestyvanie left to right and then in the opposite direction.published


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