Ancient names of cities and regions

Remember to not "Alma-ATA", and True;
not Astana and Akmolinsk;
don't Atyrau and Guryev;
not "Budennovsk", and the Holy Cross;
not "Vilnius", Vilnius;

not Dnepropetrovsk, Ekaterinoslav, for a while, and actually Novorossiysk;
not "Yoshkar-Ola", and Tsarevokokshaisk;
not Kaunas and Kovno;
not Kirov, and Vyatka, or Khlynov;

not "Kirovograd", and Yelisavetgrad;
not Krasnodar, Ekaterinodar;
not "Kyzyl", and Belotsarsk;
not "Makhachkala", and Petrovsk-Port;

not Narva and Rugodiv;
not "Salekhard", and Obdorsk;
not "Przemysl". and Przemysl;
not Istanbul, but Constantinople or Tsar grad, Grad;
no Sudak, Surozh;
not Sukhumi and Sukhumi;

not, Syktyvkar and Ust-Sysolsk;
not "Tallinn", and the revel or Kolyvan;
not "Tartu", and Yuryev;
not "Tbilisi", Tbilisi;
not Togliatti, Stavropol and the Volga;
not "Tutayev", and Romanov-Borisoglebsk;
not "the Ukraine", and little Russia;

not "Ulan-Ude", and Verkhneudinsk;
not "Ulyanovsk", and Simbirsk;
not "helm", and the Hill;
not "South Okrayny", and the new Russia.
Alaska Kings were called East of Russia;

not Pskov, and Pleskava;
not Yaroslavl, and Lord Novgorod the Great;
not the Vologda region and White Russia;
not Russia, and RUSIA;
not pärnu, and Pernow (formerly Perunov Grad);
not Ural, and the Yaik;

not Kirov, and Vyatka;
not Izborsk, and Slovenian;
not the Volga, and RA;
not the Severnye Uvaly, and the Riphean Mountains;
not Petersburg, and Xiric;
not Khanty-Mansiysk, and Samar.published


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