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Which issues will raise the PR at extraordinary congress in Donetsk, than it threatens Ukraine as a protection racket and separatists affect the meeting in Geneva on April 17

On Wednesday April 16 the Party of Regions gathers extraordinary congress of deputies of all levels of the Donetsk region.
Time and place - Donetsk, Arena «Friendship», 16:00.
The agenda has not been widely disclosed, the press service of PR hides the real issues of the general wording "discussion of political situation in the Donetsk region».

Formally, not to be confused with today's event is an all-Ukrainian congress. However, it is no secret that the Donetsk cell batch oriented Rinat Akhmetov, plays the role of the nucleus of the former ruling party, for all its solutions can be considered the official position of the PR. This is the voice of Donbass, which all need to hear and who are trying to sell pieces of Yanukovych's party.

According to several sources, the regionals will act to support the separatists, but in a milder form - no appeals to the Russian army "to save the people of the southeast," but with an ultimatum, fusing press releases of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the requirements of the central authorities. Party of Regions is becoming increasingly difficult to remain neutral in the opening of the Ukrainian-Russian confrontation, will have to choose a country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry is authorized to declare

For information about emergency rally Donetsk Regions said the former member of the Party of Regions, People's Deputy of the last convocation Chornovil. According to him, talk about the open support of the separatists is still early, but that is a consequence of the pro-Russian Congress an ultimatum to the central government, there is no doubt.

"According to my information, the favorite format of the Party of Regions' congress of deputies of all levels" was elected to bargain with the authorities in Kiev and to speak of the political superstructure of the south-eastern unrest. The Party of Regions is trying to regain credibility and influence, "- said Chornovil.

Chornovil admits that tomorrow we will hear a list of ultimatums, failing which, the Party of Regions could face the fact that "the people of Donbass" call for help Russia. "Ultimatum known - is the federal structure, the election of governors, with the amendment of the Constitution as amended by binding clause on non-aligned status of Ukraine and provide Russian a second state language," - he added.

This outlook seems plausible, given that all of the above items is also a pre-election program of the presidential candidate of Ukraine Regions Mikhail Dobkin, which opponents call technology projects Putin aide Surkov. Alarming is that making demands on the verge of separatism, Regionals at any moment can go this line, standing on one side with "green men". Even despite the fact that they themselves continue to deny this turn of events.

According to the MP from the Party of Regions Anna Herman, the latest public statements Rinat Akhmetov show that neither he nor the party as a whole does not call into question the independence of Ukraine, its unitary status and sovereignty. Any other suggestions - from the evil one. All of this is speculation and rumors made no comment, said former press secretary Viktor Yanukovych.

However, to get a comment on the situation in the German south-east as a whole failed. "I do not know anything about tomorrow's event in Donetsk, but I must say that the government must at last hear the residents of the eastern regions. You can not call separatists who took to the streets to defend their rights, it is impossible to send an army against them. You can not beat the presidential candidates, even though their position may be controversial or unacceptable to someone, "- said Herman.

"We talked for two months in Kiev - Donbass hear! If the residents of the East and beyond will not hear, do not be surprised that they will call on the assistance of other States ", - she agreed in advance with any decision of the Congress tomorrow.

Bet Akhmetov

Regionals begin open play against Ukraine. This sure spin doctor Taras Berezovets. He expressed confidence that the current owner of Regions Rinat Akhmetov has received certain guarantees from Putin, and tomorrow will open the Congress Regions, if not all of the cards, then enough of them to ensure that all was clear alignment.

"Obviously, tomorrow's meeting of Party of Regions will put forward an ultimatum to the central government in the spirit of ultimatums put forward by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Akhmetov has today decided to support Russia in its struggle against Ukraine. He's probably got some reassurance in Moscow ", - says Berezovets.

Signal in favor of this assumption is too much to ignore, says political consultant.

"Akhmetov envoys are actively supporting the separatists and the" green men ", and clearly not for personal beliefs. Vladislav Lukyanov Khartsizk almost manages the capture of the City Council Nikolai Levchenko - the head of the Donetsk oblorganizatsii PR does not hide the fact that he went to the barricades to support the separatists. Even Bakhteeva personally examined concern the strengthening of pro-Russian extremists around the Doga "- lists only certain" signals "Berezovets, noting that the public statements of SCM and Akhmetov's support for the unity of Ukraine - no more than a formality.

And all this on the eve of the sensitive international negotiations in the format "the US, EU, Ukraine, Russia" on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, to be held April 17 in Geneva. It is possible that another ultimatum regionals will be the mandatory presence of a representative of the negotiations of the southeast of Ukraine, as also recently insisted the Russian Foreign Ministry.

I kanesh strongly apologize, but not whether our law enforcement officers the same rocket - the most-most accurate - "cover" fuck this Congress? And the way the party is over gang is very symbolic: remember Akhmetov "born" after his supervisors blew the stadium Bragin - perhaps temporary ring must be closed, and in the arena of "Friendship" and bury Akhmetov and his whole gang ...


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