In Leningrad there is a repair of an overpass (38 photos)

On the night of Friday to Saturday at the Leningrad highway hell broke loose. Due to an emergency condition of the overpass at the 24 kilometer (which is above the track
October Road), who want to renovate, was blocked:
- Congress of the inside of the Moscow Ring Road on the Leningrad Highway in the direction of the field;
- Congress on the outside of the Moscow Ring Road on the Leningrad Highway in the direction of the field;
- Exit from the roundabout (where cross Mashkinskoe Novoshodnenskoe highway and freeway) to the Leningrad highway in the direction of the field;
- Exit from the highway to the International Leningrad to Moscow (allow only buses);
- On the overpass to skip the traffic left one lane (of three) on each side.

What would you all show and warn, yesterday I took a great and went to see what was happening. As you can imagine, there came ASS.

I do not argue with the fact that the emergency overpass in need of repair. But that's how it's organized there? First, very few plates and information
boards that happens. Those who travel on Ring Road at Sheremetyevo, learn about it, resting on a concrete block on the road. Secondly, the bridge has been narrowed night
from Friday to Saturday, but already Tuesday (yesterday I shot) and no work was not carried out. Why?

The most disgusting what options there are almost no detour. Dmitrovka also costs around Moscow. In the Baltic States there is a reconstruction of the overpass (if you believe
forums and blogs) somewhere in the area and all narrowed, too. Novoshodnenskoe and Pyatnitskoe highway just two lanes and not adapted to such traffic. In
Finally, we get the full traffic jams for Zelenograd, Sheremetyevo and all the surrounding land. How do some writing, even on the Tube were deaf
primer, which led to Khimki. Yes, the train moving to Khlebnikovo too bent, and there can be a long stand. In the comments they write that to him you do not even
'drive, patience before end.

Perhaps residents of Zelenograd and are happy to use public transport, but the bus is in the same traffic jam. A train ... train no. There
Now reigns Peregrine and his schedule pootmenyali many trains commuter traffic. And what better to go an hour and a half in a terrible and stifling the vestibule,
hunching letter sic among the same sweaty passengers. Vomiting or three hours in a traffic jam with kondeem and sitting? Here everything toschnyatsya forming many kilometers
cork from Zelenograd to be repaired bridge.

It is clear that closing the exit of Moscow, tried to somehow unload from Leningrad. But now bursting through Kurkino, plugging all the streets and yards there. In
Overall flea. But Moscow, as before, does not want to go there.

Ass, in general. So to avoid black spot at every opportunity. 1. Shield on Liberty Street.

The second shield. The fact that the congress closed on Leningradku toward the field it does not say. Why the hell?

Inner Ring Road is always there. Typically, the plug after the congress ended on Leningradku in an area where everything turns out of 3 series, and now simply plug here. But on the outside, a new cork area.

Those who really need to Leningradka turn in Kurkino 2-3 series.

A small digression. I wonder how much dough put it in his pocket, and poprotsu've stole, because on paper and the project has a lift for disabled people, but in fact it is not present. None of the pedestrian crossing on Ring Road, I saw them there. Scary. And it is under the guise of concern for cripples.


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