Scale socks: measure women's passion for man

Women's passion for man is easiest to measure in conventional units such as... socks.

The greater the degree of sexual rejection of women to men, the more her dislike of his dirty socks.

Conversely, the stronger the passion man, the more women have good feelings for his dirty socks.

Passionately loving woman that is literally crazy about a particular man, and loves his dirty socks.

Seventy one million two hundred ninety one thousand seven hundred seventy six

For many women it is difficult to imagine how to feel kind to the dirty men's socks. But that means they were never in love with any one man, otherwise I would imagine it could.

Yes, it happens that man is a real pig, in the sense that the hygiene he had a vague idea, and the sweat glands work so that the smell he has a very distinct and objectively... specific, especially the smell of feet. And anyway, if we assume that some woman burned him wild with passion, she would love and his dirty socks too.

But there is feedback.

If the man is watching bad hygiene, he's got a lot of advantages to not cause female rejection, and to compensate for their carelessness. A lot of real advantages, otherwise you can not compensate. That is, it is easier still to scrub.

Men need to understand that if a woman is yet to be inflamed with passion do not have time or passion for her has already passed, the smell of his socks and the look of dirty socks will act on it very bad, and will gradually increase the rejection.

The reason is quite simple. Smell other people's sweat in high concentrations is a strong invasion of personal space. And need just adore the subject, to enable him to invade so deeply.

Cuter than the subject, the deeper the invasion, he allowed. But if such a person intrudes much more than he is getting less cute than they were, and a desire to push it away from the territory. To pull away from him. It was this need and it means the emotion of disgust.

Therefore, any man who is not sure that the woman to him is on fire, should carefully monitor the hygiene of the body, otherwise it has the risk to push her away before her time, yet she had failed in love with him, even if that chance was. We need to change socks every day to ensure that the shoes were made of natural materials, use deodorant, for the body and maybe for shoes, etc.

On average, women have a less pronounced smell, more I have good hygiene and smell more like men than Vice versa. The smell of men is stronger, they are less I have good hygiene and smell less like women, on average. But all this is only an AVERAGE, and it only affects the speed of emergence of desire, and when desire has already arisen, only matters is his strength.

That is, a woman loves the smell of men is much stronger than newsubmenu man scent of a woman.

So, here is the scale of measurement of the strength of women's passion for man.

Have in mind a particular man, the owner of the particular socks.

0 (socks) a woman would prefer not to see the dirty socks and not have near the feet of the man in wearing socks, but if the contact is with the socks it happens, she's not repulsed, she was almost still.

-1 (socks) woman good-naturedly refers to the form of dirty socks and not feel the slightest discomfort, if near her nose be feet wearing socks.

+1 (socks) a woman has a negative attitude to the sight of dirty socks and feels uncomfortable if near her nose be feet wearing socks.

-5 (socks) — women experience greater tenderness for dirty socks, she likes their appearance and smell, she is ready to kiss their bliss.

+5 (socks) — a woman has a strong aversion to even the sight of dirty socks and the smell she immediately starts retching, if you bring a sock to her face, she can fall into a passion.

Between -1 and — 5, and between +1 and +5 there are intermediate values like desire and aversion.

As evidenced by measurements on a sockwork scale? These measurements can say about a couple?

0 (socks) - tactile intimacy with a man for a woman more pleasant than unpleasant, but sexual desire she needs some additional incentives, for example, your own imagination or some games.

-1 (socks) - sexual attraction to this man are sufficiently expressed.

+1 (socks) — sexual attraction to this man, no, but if you ignore, it is possible to have sex sometimes, especially in introducing other men.

-5 (socks) - lust woman to man so that she goes crazy with his approach and falls into a trance.

+5 (socks) - sexual aversion female to male is so strong that sex with him is impossible, either it's rape or semosavlebisa out of duty or for money.

What else useful can be learned from this test?

If a man got on a scale of zero values, which means that the woman it is quite unpleasant, physically alas. The higher the number, the nastier. If a man is very important to stay close to this woman, hygiene is of primary importance.

He needs to take care of your body, it is desirable to bring it into order, in the sense of physical fitness, be sure to thoroughly and regularly wash, change clothes, use perfume, and most importantly not to force the woman to clean up after themselves intimate items because it will make her more and more. If you carefully follow all of this, plus her fall, she could have neutral attitude, and then there's a chance even for attraction.

And one more thing. Allowed to wash your underwear and picking up his socks across the room can only be such a woman who is experiencing physical passion expressed (negative values of this test) and she wants this. And other women it is better not to torture such duties, it is inhumane and it causes them fading already thin sexual attraction to you.

And as in the tale of the Princess on the pea-in-law the Queen checked her future daughter, the real Princess by putting a pea under many quilts, so modern mother-in-law could check out her future daughter, loves that her son, putting it on her pillow his dirty socks.


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What is wrong with you?


However, such verification is likely to offend the future wife and would forever embroil her with inappropriate jokes, so such a test to the mother in laws, I certainly don't recommend. But the bride herself is able to verify the feeling by imagining that on her pillow lay the socks of her future husband, and if she feels disgust, the marriage should be postponed. It may not be the man or until the feeling. published 


Author: Marina Komissarova


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