14 products that reduce testosterone production in men

According to the materials of the lecture Butakovo "Male God testosterone".

1. Sol. Experimentally proved that the high content of sodium reduces the production of testosterone. Sol naturally want to control water balance in the body. But all necessary measure. Harms not salt, and it over.

2. Sugar. Triggers insulin production, which stops the production of testosterone.

Eating, sugar man deceives himself. Sweet he ate it. But the sperm, however, do not move. Glucose is an important component. It provides sperm motility. Therefore the man instinctively reaches for the sweet. However, sugar — it not absolutely glucose. These sources of glucose is not crystal sugar and honey, sweet fruits, vegetables rich in starch, such as potatoes.

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The dangerous products containing hidden sugar: fizzy drinks ( Especially tonics, hide the sugar with the bitterness of quinine) and sweet alcoholic beverages.

The maximum limit is 6 teaspoons of sugar a day.

3. Caffeine. Caffeine destroys free testosterone. However, it acts in a short period of time and he quickly collapses.

The maximum that can afford the man — one good Cup of organic coffee a day.

Instant coffee for men harmful. Even without the caffeine. When cooking natural classic coffee into the water go a maximum of 19% of soluble substances. In the production of instant coffee more think about the benefits. Therefore, almost 50% of water-soluble substances from the grain completely removed in solution. In other words, processing after the release of the 19% of substances begin to ekstragirovanija organic acids and other substances that are not responsible for the taste and aroma of the coffee, but increase the acidity of the surrogate. In addition there are studies showing that these substances stimulates the production of female hormones in the male body.

4. Meat with hormones. It is no secret that female hormones give to animals for acceleration of mass. Commercial beef, chicken, pork 100% contains a large number of these hormones. Not fed hormones, sheep and fish. The number is important. From the small amount of meat once a day, no harm, but good.

5. Foods with high cholesterol. Cholesterol is animal fat. Its main source – fat meat. And not the harmful cholesterol. Cholesterol need, as it is the main component in the synthesis of testosterone. Harmful its excess. What is the excess? Testosterone the male body produces microscopically small. A few milligrams a day. Accordingly, the required amount of cholesterol is also insignificant. Therefore, it is better to choose meat lean and to eat it in moderation. After all, even lean meat contains on average 30% of fat.

6. Soy. Fitoestrogeny contains vegetable analogues of female sex hormone. That is it is hormones opposite to testosterone on action. In small quantities the soya is harmless. It contains a complete protein. However, as a complete replacement of meat for men it does not fit. In this case, inhibited production of male sex hormones.

7. Fast food. There are all lowers the production of testosterone in men listed in the previous five paragraphs.

8. Fat milk. Especially natural. It contains natural cow estrogen. Therefore, the milk in large quantities useful for children and women, not for men. The main role here is played by the quantity.

To liters per day milk safely.

9. White yeast bread and pastries. It contains at once some factors reducing testosterone acids, yeast, sugar. This does not apply to the black and white unleavened bread.

10. A large amount of vegetable oil. Most strongly reduces testosterone soybean, corn and Flaxseed oil. To a lesser extent sunflower. Does not reduce olive and walnut.

Harmless quantity of sunflower oil ends at six per day.

11. Bird eggs. Contain many different hormones and cholesterol. In addition toxic protein film located directly under the shell. Poison it will not succeed, but on the body it affects. Especially reproductive function.

A safe rule is one egg in two days.

12. Effervescent drinks. Harmful a large amount of sugar, caffeine and other amplifiers of thirst. To the action of sugar and caffeine added dehydration.

13. Smoked. They contain liquid smoke. This causes toxic damage to tissues of testicles –glands that produce 95% of testosterone in the body.

Natural Smoking safer. However, long-term Smoking in the product also accumulate harmful substances. This applies to cold-smoked products. Safest hot Smoking because of the short time exposure of smoke to the product.

14. Alcohol. Real poison for eggs. At higher levels of alcohol in the blood is simultaneously reduced amount of testosterone. Consumption of alcohol in quantities that can cause hangovers, reduces testosterone levels within 12-20 hours by 20%. And affected by the "degree" testicles never fully restored.

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The most sophisticated blow to virility — beer. In addition to alcohol it contains fitoestrogeny – female sex hormones. Therefore, beer belly men are not so harmless. It is the light of the obesity of the female type. Of course, it all depends on the amount. A glass of beer a day is safe. But who this was. published 


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