Why do you also to you, and come back?

At the beginning of the 20th century, a Scottish farmer returning home. Passing the marshes, he heard a cry for help. The farmer ran to the voice and saw a boy trying to climb out of the quagmire. The farmer quickly cut a thick branch, carefully approached and handed thread drowning. When he got out, he could not calm the tears, he was trembling.
 - Come to my house - the farmer said. - You need to calm down and keep warm
.  - No, no, - the boy shook his head - I was waiting for my father. He must be very worried.
After thanking his savior, the boy ran away ... And in the morning the farmer saw that his home drove a carriage drawn by thoroughbreds. well-dressed gentleman came out of the coach and asked:
 - It's you last saved the life of my son
?  - Yes, I am, - the farmer replied
.  - How much do I owe you
?  - Do not hurt me, mister. You do not have anything to me. I did what had to do a normal person.
 - No, I can not leave it just like that, because my son is very dear to me. Name any sum, - insisted visitor
.  - I do not want to talk about it. Bye. - The farmer turned to leave. And here on the porch, jumped out of his son.
 - Is your son? - I asked the guest
.  - Yes, - the farmer replied proudly, stroking the boy's head
.  - Let's do so. I'll take your son with me to London and paid for his education. If he is as noble as his father, neither you nor I will not regret this decision.
Several years have passed. Farmer's son graduated from high school, then medical university, and soon his name became internationally known as the name of the man who discovered penicillin. His name was Alexander Flemming.
Before the war, one of the London hospitals admitted with severe pneumonia, the son of the gentleman. Do you think that saved his life this time? -. Yes, penicillin, Alexander Fleming opened
Name gentleman gave education Fleming was Randolph Churchill. His son's name was Winston Churchill, who later became Prime Minister of England. Perhaps these events recalled Winston Churchill, saying, "Made you to you and return the same."


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