What does the computer code in Hollywood movies

British programmer and writer John Graham-Cumming (John Graham-Cumming) opened informative blog Movie Code , dedicated to the use of computer code in Hollywood films. The site is collected footage from the film and explain how to take the code and what exactly he does in reality. It is no secret that the directors are often selected code completely arbitrary manner, sometimes it turns out very funny.

For example, the top shows a frame from the thriller "The assault of the White House," where directors code used several open source programs , which are written in 2007- 2008 to demonstrate Raw Sockets in order to injection packages. his code official trailer recognized expert in information security from the site SecurityTube.net.

By the way, the author expressed surprise that the hero in the trailer expresses extreme joy (hands raised up) though to run the program it is necessary to first compile.

Next famous masterpiece - the movie "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", where the main character girl hacker prints queries to the database of the police department, with which she opened the murder of 40-year-old. Gluing several frames can be partially consider SQL-query.

In the title, the terminal can be seen mysql. This is the answer comes from the police server.

Experts in the database together laugh over this reply: "Shocked moviegoers be puzzled that one of the best hackers in the world knows nothing about the operator verify compliance template LIKE, and why the hell none of the victims has no initials RL », - they are perplexed.

These two examples have already been mentioned Habré, and now svezhachok. In the pilot episode of "Charlie's Angels" (2011) under the toilet pan for kitten was found safe underground terminal. Now fans finally recognized this code. Do not believe it, but it's a problem with the competition obfuscated C code of 2005, namely - to minimize the problems of Sudoku solver!

The source code can be found here .

In one episode of "elementary" Sherlock Holmes in the shot hit a note with the program code in an unknown language.

As выяснилось, it is an esoteric programming language Malbolge, created to be the most difficult to write programs. The author called the programming language of Malebolge, the eighth circle of hell Dante, and assumed that he would cause a headache as the author of the program and everyone who will read it. Code note taken from Wikipedia and simply displays the text "Hello World!".

But in the movie "Iron Man" in the frame got screen boot costume Iron Man .

What is interesting is valid code C, and it is taken from the firmware loader for RCX (programmable Lego brick with a microcontroller). The program is written in 1998 at Stanford, source code . As filmmakers guessed it take this code? They could not accidentally stumble on it?

At the moment, the site Movie Code sent more than 30 examples of the curious use of computer programs in Hollywood films. They will be published daily, enough material for a month in advance.

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