End of the World in Hollywood

The virus that turns people into zombies all

The plot is about a virus that turns all of its victims into mindless and very bloodthirsty zombies, devouring the remaining concentration of healthy people, exploited by Hollywood with admirable zeal. On this subject, removed and went on to star and movies and serials. List the names of all the zombie films simply impossible. The most colorful and expensive are probably the last year's film "War of the Worlds Z" and the series "The Walking Dead", the output of the next season is eagerly awaiting the thousands of spectators.

Earth enslaved by evil aliens

Another favorite subject, which is displayed on the screen as soon as the cinema more or less mastered the first special effects. During its more than a century of Hollywood film industry nasnimali incredible array of paintings on this theme, ranging from naive and frankly boring to luxurious creations, in which there is a breathtaking visuals and no less interesting story.

All living things die because of global warming

The climate of our planet changes all the time. But if you had a glacial and interglacial epochs talked only narrow specialists, in our days talking about global warming all and sundry. The popularity of this topic began to acquire in the 70s of last century, and in recent years, the climate is changing so rapidly that no notice the apparent increase in temperature is simply impossible. Of course, Hollywood is immediately created many colorful illustrations of almost all aspects of a complex and controversial theory of global warming. So, in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" all natural phenomena are shown with such realism that their great satisfaction serious theory noted oceanographer Stefan Rahmstorf (Stefan Rahmstorf) of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research).

Kill all the mutant plant

Plants under versions of Hollywood screenwriters will attack the unsuspecting inhabitants of the planet is very diverse ways. In some films they turn into bloodthirsty monsters huge and swallow people like sundew flies. In others, they synthesize specific toxins, breathing people who go crazy and commit suicide.

Nuclear war

After the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it became clear that nuclear weapons capable of destroying not only civilization, but life itself, without any exaggeration. And when open sources had access to these photos and scientific description of how nuclear apocalypse will occur, then Hollywood responded immediately by a volley of colorful paintings, in which a giant explosions are shown in great detail, and in strict accordance with the reality.

Animals pluck mind and take over people

Today, people proudly call themselves the dominant species on the planet. But it depends on what counts as domination. For example, the number of chickens greater than "livestock» Homo sapiens. And while chickens only eat and reproduce, and Homo sapiens them diligently serving (before you eat). Rats and mice in the world are also much more than people. And so the ants and say no - they have bypassed the people not only strength, but even the total weight. Even a brainless abomination as roundworm, also significantly higher than mankind its strength, and in many southern countries, they quietly devoured huge share of GDP. But all this boring reality. In Hollywood fantasy animals (mainly monkeys that unlike prosperous chickens, rats, and ascarids, now just are threatened with extinction) suddenly acquire intelligence and seize power over the world.

Vampires seize power

Are there vampires in reality is not known. But in the movie the threat to humanity from the vampires analyzed the most comprehensive manner. In "Warriors of Light" imaginative enough to make the situation where vampires bled the earth so that they themselves began to die of hunger.

Monsters of the deep ocean and scientific laboratories

About what is happening at the bottom of the oceans (and its average depth does not reach up to 4000 m, and only in the Mariana Trench reaches 10,994 m) science knows even less than what is happening in space. Nothing can be done - to dive under water for 5 km is harder than to rise above the Earth at 430 km (maximum height of the orbit of the ISS). The lack of scientific data opens the door for fantastic conjecture. And from the mysterious depths of the earth come out one after the other Godzilla and kaizen. A fantastically carefree and constantly violating safety scientists in their laboratories enliven fossil monsters who immediately sees the busiest streets to get a good lunch.

Destroy Earth asteroid

Probability of incarnations of this scenario in life is not zero. A recent meteorite fall in Chelyabinsk all demonstrate that terrible misfortune can bring even a small drop in the meteorite. Of course, in Hollywood theme giant asteroids and meteorites is one of the most vital and bringing great box office.

Epidemics of common diseases

Movies on this subject are not as colorful as a zombie, but also occupy a fairly broad ecological niche. They are writers and directors do not pay more attention to the entertainment of the frame (although do not forget about it), and various social issues and relations between people.

Authorities seized the artificial intelligence

It is known that any algorithm in the process of its creation is at the stage of testing. That is, roughly speaking, to write something he wrote, but what he's actually going to do - do not know. Need to try. Further thought suggests itself - once doprobuetes to very big trouble. And filmmakers diligently fantasize on this topic, touching the most incredible opportunities, but certainly agree that once the artificial intelligence is created, the first thing he decides to do - is to destroy or enslave their creators.

People have lost the ability to reproduce

The ability to have children is the basis of the continuation of the human race. And what will that people suddenly embrace mass infertility? Of course, they quickly die. Fil "Children of Men" just analyzing the situation as it happens. Serious criticism he loved, but less serious audience - no. As a result the picture failed miserably, unable even to return spent on its creation tools.

The sun disappears

Also very plausible assumption. Processes in the nearest star, from which we entirely depend too complex to understand, but their scope is too tsiklopichny that we can for them to influence. One can only hope that a comfortable warmth in our century will suffice, so dream on, and suddenly still goes out. The film "Sunshine" is just devoted to this topic. The creators of the very serious approach to the development of the plot, and as a consultant to attract British physicist Brian Cox.

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