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Family of canadian farmers was cut by her corn field QR code with an area of 2.9 Hectares. Representatives of the Guinness Book of records has recognized the QR code of the town of Lacombe the largest in the world which has been confirmed officially.

Field is located in the canadian province of Alberta, so if you are anywhere nearby, you can visit this place. Unfortunately, the photograph code is not read. Canadians claim that it works, if you take pictures of the code from the height of bird flight. Actually, not much point to photograph and recognize no code, since all that is encoded in the code is a hyperlink leading to the site of farms fersko economy.

QR codes are one of the varieties of bar codes. Recently a QR code as a way of information transfer has gained popularity due to the fact that it is easy to consider the camera phone.However, the code is framed by a maze of passages and corridors which, by design, should attract a lot of tourists. In any case, family farmers got what he wanted -- fame. After all, if just patterns in the fields for a long time, few of whom are attracted, QR code, and even the largest in the world, immediately caused great interest of many authors and IT sources. It is no coincidence, because everything new is interesting. Farm Cray for 13 years, attracts tourists every year creating new mazes for owned fields of corn.

The old mazes were created in the province of Alberta and emblems of local sports teams. Last year, the figure in the center of the labyrinth was dedicated charitable organization working on issues of people with diseases of the spinal cord.

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