Scheme of work hatred

The modern inhabitants (GDV) decided to blame their troubles and trouble anyone – the state, the head of the government, the Church, Jews, masons. For GDLB always blame someone. Anyone but himself GDV is the cause of all his troubles.

By the way about wine. Not that that thumps and guilt. In the nature of guilt does not exist. At all. Guilt is an artificial demonic matrix, artificially planted in the subconscious with the aim of manipulation GDLB. Manipulation by guilt is the most common and favorite of all – from parents to bosses – manipulation.

But it is important to understand that it is not they, the manipulators, such bad is you give rise to manipulation, its not developed a sense of guilt.

So, in the nature of guilt does not exist. But there is a definite and train working the law of causality.

A simple diagram that explains everything that happens to everyone in this world.

In the diagram below:

1. Man of the living. Regardless of gender, nationality and skin color.

2. “The cloud” – it can be anything. This can be a spouse, mother, boss, policeman. Or some non-personal things – the egregor of the state, money, alcohol, medicine, etc. anything that exists in the world.

3. Arrows – vector relations.

The vector “1” is subconscious, not conscious, not a manifestation of the man's relation to this something.

The vector “2” is the response ratio, adjusting the relationship of that something to the man. “The principle of the mirror” or “the boomerang Rule” – “what goes around, comes around.”.

Vector “3” is shown the relation of man, which was shown by the effect of the vector “2”.

So, it's that simple.

But the brutal truth for all that is actually the first vector is the hatred in the vast majority of cases. In all aspects of life. In this way, such a simple scheme, the universe corrects the hatred of every living. So “nothing to blame the mirror”.

A simple example for clarity. Who we are now the most politically active during the election and at the same time, most actively abusing power? Pensioners. They more than others abuse the power. Why? Yes, because the state they are brutally raped, squeezed, appointing a miserable pension, and throwing on the side of life. So where is the hatred? Well, that's not seen at the time, retired that the struct “state” are just a resource, nothing more. Accordingly, the government in the same way to them and reacted, throwing as a waste resource. And thus showed for pensioners is their true relation to the self – hatred that has now become explicit.

So, it is not the head of an asshole is he a mirror shows you your attitude to work. It's not the doctor “radish” healed to the complications, he showed the same attitude to medicine and to me, showing your hatred and stupidity – instead of having to take care of yourself and be healthy, you expect the repairman biorobots, who himself does not know how to be healthy. It is not the children annoy you – they show you a mirror of your hatred and irritation. We continue on with themselves.

The principle is simple – their hatred and denial (I hate=I see, therefore, deny) we do attract into your life correcting the situation, which display output on the surface of our present attitude.

What is the way out? To work out their own hatred. No other way.published

Author: Alexander Kaldowski

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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