The ability to say "no" to what doesn't fit you

If the person is something burning doesn't take himself or his life could very well be that the signal from the internal auditor to learn to say "no" to what is in conflict with the internal harmony. The theme of accepting yourself and your life is now often raised and discussed. Sometimes acceptance of something in yourself or life works. In other cases (which is often), it is not a long enough. Rolling back and frustration comes back again.

Within man is the image itself, and life, whatever the man wanted to be and how to live. This ideal image is calling me. And if something stands out from this image — from the internal space of the person are signals of discomfort, pain, suffering, and in the case of extreme rejection — hatred.

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Should I break myself trying to persuade, to arouse an alarm system?How can you take what is fighting and what resists all the interior space? You can't convince yourself to accept that categorically rejected all beings. You can not just hope that acceptance will come across someone from the outside and will help with internal discomfort.

Possible temporary effect, but sooner or later, the auditor will again find internal damage, and report it to the Central division of the psyche. And psyche again to bring the issue on the agenda. It turns out that the adoption was a temporary placebo.

This is not to do with the adoption. And going to failure. What if I stopped running from the internal auditor, to stop and listen to what he has to say? May be he shouting already? For example, the fact that it is not necessary to amuse itself hopes that the problems themselves are solved, diseases leave, harmony and beauty will come by themselves and the like. May be lack themselves such as man is on this moment, or living conditions, and has an internal assistance, attempt to move human consciousness, to open your eyes, awaken and show the true state of things.

And do not try to take something against which the soul rebels. You need to accept the failure and go to him. Go into the emotion, feeling, thought, which strongly indicates the discomfort. To recognize them and experience them.

The adoption of a rejection of something allows you to learn to say "no" to this. For example, instead of having to take the drinker husband, a woman allows himself and his alcoholism is not taken, and thus says "no" to that arrangement. The question for this example will be in another — does a woman say no? Or all the games in the "adoption" there is a desire not to see as it is, fear of change, fear of loneliness, etc.

Trying to accept what is rejected from the inside, are very often the escape from reality.

Here are a few examples.

Man does not want to engage in their health, trying to accept the disease. If he had recognized the signal of failure, he would be able to say "no" to sickness and to the way of life and thoughts that led to it. If a person can go to failure on hearing the alarm of fear from the inside, it will sober him and make him act. But the most important will help to say "no."

People want to be slim and instead of having to admit the failure of his weight he is trying to take your weight, often to no avail. The dissonance between what you want and what is causes a deep reaction of hatred.

Is there a good way to afford to hate myself. Do not fight with hatred. And give hate to say "no" too much weight, not to conflict with yourself in it, and the way of life that does not allow you to take care of your health.

The man is afraid to admit that is a parasitic relationship. Trying to make partner, which leads to constant frustration. If people were able to go to failure, he would have seen what he is talking about he inner critic. There are things with which the inner space of strongly disagrees, and does not need to invent the illusion of trying to convince yourself otherwise.

If people allowed themselves to know exactly what is not suitable, and allowed myself to establish themselves in this — he was able to say "no". To understand what fits what you need, what will not conflict.

If you try to take all that is rejected from the inside, you may lose the ability to cut is not needed. To deprive yourself of perspective and consciousness, ability to say "no", cutting and choosing the best for himself.

It is dangerous not to listen to myself and the attempts of the psyche to bring about the problem. Man is a vulnerable and often afraid of experiencing painful emotions. And just sometimes lazy. But it is a painful emotions and feelings can heal us. If you allow yourself to know what it says and what it asks the irritability, the pain, the hate can, first, get rid of them, and secondly, to gain the ability to cut off something that is at odds with the internal space.

For example, the feeling of self-hatred, dissatisfaction, anger at myself. But if you allow yourself to be yourself is not happy? And see what is expressed dissatisfaction? It can be high time to specifically draw attention to himself or his manifestation? Here are answers to many questions. What to do, how to get out of the situation, what not to do, from what I should avoid, what to choose.

To run from pain and try to accept "myself the way I am" is not to accept yourself at all. Not to listen to the inner voice trying to do better for us. Offering learn to be demanding of themselves, do not suffer yourself or let the connivance to distort life.

People are very often afraid of painful emotions, because they can spoil and show things as is.I want to say is very important: emotions and feelings do not die!

Not die, nor fear, nor pain, nor grief, nor from irritation. Die (prematurely) from the accumulation of them in mind and body, as well as attempts to escape from them. You need to take the emotions, feelings and internal signals of conflict and dissonance, which gives the subconscious. Do not try affirmations to drown them, wearing an uncomfortable mask or clothes, not to run from them, trying to take yourself or the circumstances, but to give the inner healer to eliminate stuff that conflicts with it.

Post has developed after working with the client. The client was allowed to name this work as an example.

The client felt a sense of hostility and disrespect, which eventually turned into hate. These feelings erupted periodically, forbidding the joy of life. Sometimes could not hear them, and the client lived, not being burdened by them. And so, in another conflict with himself, he decided to ask for help.

In the course of work, instead of escaping from painful emotions, allowed myself to hate myself. I can't articulate exactly what the client himself so disliked, but when he allowed himself to hate, becoming this hatred, he was able to give up what you hated so much.

The hatred he directed at myself as the energy cut-off, opened his eyes to attempt to escape from reality. To fear is to acknowledge it and see its effects. Instead, he tried to "accept what is", which gave temporary results.

His inner harmony required to move to yourself, to change, to change something in life. He was not pleased with himself and some of his qualities. But tried to accept them, instead of saying "no." And trim. Once the client has gained their hatred, he gained the power gripped her. And the force released him.


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When emotion has been recognized, adopted and passed inward where the client ceased to fight with her, the effect was bilateral. Not only that he has ceased to fear itself, and this emotion to himself, he ceased to feel it towards others. It really took. But not himself, he in an emphasis did not like, and himself that he would like to be. The energy released from internal conflict, allowed him to choose and to take steps towards the goal.

Thus, man acquires the ability to say "no" to what is not suitable for him. Not only in the case of specific question, but for the future. You need to be able to cut. Without this in my life accumulates lots of old junk that eats a lot of energy.


Author: Antonina Gartovska P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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