Why is bad to sleep on your stomach?

The main thing you need to take into account lovers to sleep on my stomach, is that such a posture leads to an increase in load on the internal organs and squeezing. In particular, suffer from the organs located in the abdomen and lower and it can not lead to significant disorders of the urinary and reproductive system, eventually disorderly sexual life of both sexes.

Second, such a posture leads to breathing problems because of increases in loads on the chest, it prevents dianyu full chest.The result is a complete saturation of blood with oxygen. Due to insufficient amount of oxygen, it becomes increasingly heartbeat. While he, on the contrary, are supposed to fight in the mode, much quieter.

In addition, there is another problem – while you sleep on the belly, the neck is in the normal position. Since the head remains in the rotated state of the cervical muscles are unable to relax completely, increasing the load on the part of the neck. Therefore, the person with the problem spine to sleep on my stomach is incredibly harmful.

The woman sleeping on stomach dangerous squeezing of the breast that, morepolice the shape and firmness of the breast. Also, the implications of the face, in the morning leads to "myatomu" face, and in the future there is a possibility of occurrence of wrinkles.

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