How to sleep for 4-5 hours: methods of quick sleep

Technique of REM sleep:

In these turbulent times of constant speeds and increased life rhythm, scientists invented a special technique in order that people could easily sleep 4-5 hours and feel all day burst of energy and vigor. Just need to stick to this technique of REM sleep:

* Unwind before sleep (do not need to sleep for a couple with their troubles and concerns – it will take 10-15 minutes to Milam about the beautiful, or listen to some nice music).

* Do not overload the stomach before bedtime and do not overeat at night (in another situation, the body will expend all their energy in their own recovery process, and food).

* Use for sleep accessories – special pillow with herbs (excellent suitable for this hop cones), blindfold and ear plugs, if they are needed.


* Take a warm shower before bed (not only as a means of hygiene, but also a great "flushing" gathered for a day of information, impressions and emotions – water is "washed" them with you, relaxes the body).

* Sleep under a warm blanket (in the cold a person to sleep much worse than warm).

* To develop the habit of the body to sleep for 5 hours (usually to get used to such rhythm it is possible to average over 1 month).

* To select for yourself 1 day a week (preferably weekend), when you can safely sleep "in store", tobish a little more than usual (8 hours).

* Go to bed before 24:00 – at this time, the human body quickly and best of all gets enough sleep (two hours of sleep after midnight are equal to one until midnight – this was stressed by Paul Bragg).


All privedennye rules take into account the three basic components of quality and healthy sleep: the organization of sleeping place, sleeping and mood for it.

How to sleep for 5 hours: the factors of sleep

In order to sleep for 5 hours, enough to follow the methodology, you must consider several factors that are incredibly important for obtaining healthy sleep for a really short period of time.

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