Diet cellulite

Eat a diet cellulite will have a period of 10 days. Salt should not be consumed and add sugar in foods, too, should not drink alcohol and drinks containing caffeine. Water should be consumed in the normal adult amounts of about 1.5 – 2 l Dairy products are also completely eliminated, even low-fat yogurt low-fat yogurt is prohibited.

To achieve the effect in the fight against cellulite diet should be varied, balanced and based mostly on vegetables and fruits. Too rich and fatty food promotes the growth of fat cells.

Beware: crash diets will not help to get rid of cellulite because too rapid fat burning-activates free radicals, which damage connective tissue. In addition, such extreme diets cause the proverbial Jo-Jo effect. Permanent weight loss and gaining weight lead to the fact that connective tissue begins to stretch and SAG. In any case it is better to rebuild the power gradually.

Begin to cleanse the body with raw fruits and vegetables. On the first day of the diet eat fruit for Breakfast and dinner. For lunch, prepare a salad of vegetables without added salt or sauces on the taste of the vegetables. You can add seeds. At dinner, the fruit is also add salad. Throughout the course of the diet cellulite along with vegetables are encouraged to eat wheat germ.The entire second day we eat only fruit. You can't eat bananas. In composition they resemble potatoes, and the starch is not needed. any other fruit you can eat whenever you want. Felt hunger, ate the Apple.In the middle of the tenday diet for 4-5 day to raw fruits and vegetables, add the cooked. First, eat raw vegetables and cooked later. Fruit prefer pineapple, mango and kiwi. Are good apples and papaya.

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