Energy tailwind

The use of wind energy - one of the most promising areas of modern energy. Development of wind power plants (WPP) in Russia - 8, 5 billion. M. * H, which is less than 1% of the total, but experts predict growth in the segment several times to 4, and 5% in 2020.

At first glance, the design of wind turbines easier than other plants, but the use of the classical scheme with giant blades (range up to 140 meters) imposes a number of restrictions:

Firstly, infrasound, which adversely affects others.
Secondly, the windmills are dangerous to birds.
Third, the necessary orientation of the blades to the wind, and wind currents are often mixed.
Fourth, during a storm can be destroyed blades, therefore the strict limitation in diameter, and thus the installed capacity per unit (up to 10 MW).
Fifth, for the manufacture of long blades windfarm need expensive composite materials, which increases the production cost of electricity.

Company engineers ZAO "Aerogrin» from Irkutsk offers beautiful solution - "shackle" the wind in the futuristic streamlined design eliminates all the above mentioned disadvantages of modern wind farm. Their project was granted a patent in Germany, is a resident of Skolkovo, and went into the finals GenerationS Track CleanTech (clean technology). Plants capable of withstanding hurricane, already interested in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Today we talked with the technical director of the project, Yuri Kriulinym.

SK .: Yuri, tell us how the technology works and how does it differ from existing solutions?
YK .: Just look at the device to guess how it works. Wind enters the interior of the installation through the side shumopogloshchajushchie fairings on either side, where it meets the light aviation turbine installed parallel to the ground. Her short blades under the influence of air flow rotates and drives the shaft generator. "Roof" of the device, it is disk-shaped aerodynamic wing resembling mushroom cap which not only protects the entire structure from the weather (rain and snow, hail, hurricane), but also creates the necessary vacuum for the organization of the movement of air. In the future it is planned to install on the roof solar panel for more power generation.
The main difference from the existing solutions - almost complete safety for the environment and the possibility to use the installation as for a small (1 m / s) and in strong winds (up to 30 m / c - «storm" on the Beaufort scale). Three-bladed wind turbine operates in the range of 2 - 15 m. / Sec.

SK .: Are there any similar developments abroad?
YK .: Similar developments are already underway in many countries, but most are close to us on the principle of action of the products of the American company SheerWind of Minnesota and Singapore IMPLUX.

SK .: Tell us what stage is the project?
YK .: Currently we have produced two pilot demonstration of the sample, with a diameter of wind turbines of 1 meter. They are more than convincingly demonstrated the advantages of our concept in wind power, relatively modern WEC, but also, increasingly popular in the world, turbine plants that are actively promoted in recent years in the global wind power market.

SK .: When you are planning to enter the market?
YK .: wind energy market is sufficiently dense, so now we plan to optimize the design of 1 kW in terms of price and quality. Plan to end 2014 release small preproduction batch of wind turbines AeroGreen .

SK .: Tell us about the composition of the product development team? Was it difficult to choose the employees?
YK .: The main part of our team - four leading experts. Each professionally engaged in their field, this engineering technology AeroGreen , organization and investment in the project, financial, legal, patent support, organizational and operational issues.

SK .: Describe how participation in the competition GenerationS affect the project?
YK .: Enter the ten best projects of Russia on the international environmental program CleanTech Russia 2014 this prestigious course. We hope that now it will be easier to work with investment funds for the preparation and creation of innovative products to market.

Interview by Sergei Kokarev i>



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