Aerogreen curb the wind

The wind blows across the planet. And that's a huge amount of untapped, unused energy. However wind turbines that have become a familiar part of the landscape in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, USA and other countries have a lot of shortcomings. They fear heavy wind and hurricane. The wind blades are formed or broken, and the wind turbine stops working. They are expensive to maintain, require additional equipment for orientation to the wind, which again costs money. Without a focus on wind turbines of the time idle. On top of the classical wind turbines are dangerous: if it breaks at least one blade, there is a risk that the whole structure will fall to the ground. So they stand far away from the city and deliver electricity to buildings and homes, spending great efforts.

Solution. All the problems are solved by technology Irkutsk developers Aerogreen — windmill closed. Special aerodynamic design effectively uses air flow and gives twice as much energy than the classical wind turbines. Irkutsk to install cheaper to install and maintain. It can be placed in living areas and sleep. Another advantage of green karma developers Aerogreen — no noise and danger for birds and bats.

Prospects. The development caught the interest of the customers from Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Energy is needed by everyone, and therefore, a new windmill could find their buyers in all corners of the world. Especially in the most distant — where there are problems with the production and supply of electricity.



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