9 reasons to become a fan of wind energy

It is no secret that Russia lags far behind many developed and developing countries in the "green" energy. Ministers and major companies often do not perceive wind energy seriously, considering it something like a European whim.

However, in the world in wind energy has a great future: it can become one of the leading energy sources in the coming years

. Together with the Global Wind Energy Council, Greenpeace issued a report on the current state and prospects of the industry. Here are the main reasons why wind energy need to be taken seriously.

1. Less greenhouse gases
By 2020, wind energy will enable mankind to reduce CO2 emissions by one billion tonnes per year.

It's really a lot: as much carbon dioxide is now throws the whole of Africa


2. More energy
In just 15 years, wind energy can provide up to 19% of global electricity. And in 2050-25-30%.

3. Incredible
growth If you need proof of the limitless possibilities of the wind, you should pay attention to the recent past: in the last 18 years, wind power is growing by an average of 26% per year

. 4. Available
energy Why does the wind becoming more popular? Because the cost of energy production + wind continues to fall! Wind power has become the most cheap among the new energy projects.

So why do we continue to hear that renewable energy is too expensive? Because now the fossil energy gets huge subsidies. If they cancel, renewable energy will become cheaper than coal and gas!

Furthermore, wind power generation need no fuel cost. Coal-fired power plants require to produce and supply more coal, the wind is absolutely free.

5. New jobs
place Again, good news! The energy sector has always been a major employer. In the wind industry today employs about 600,000 people. By 2020, they could be one and a half million, and by 2020 - two million


6. Speed ​​
What makes wind power an attractive, because it is the speed at which you can run the technology to the masses. This is particularly important for remote locations where people still have no access to electricity. And it is extremely important for small settlements of the Russian North and Far East, which are totally dependent on expensive and dirty diesel.

7. Less pollution
Skeptics often say that the production of wind turbine requires a lot of energy. But the wind generator compensates the carbon emissions associated with its production, installation and disposal already during the first 3-9 months of work. This means that in the next 20 years, the energy will be clean.

8. Safety for wildlife
A popular argument against wind power plants - they kill birds and bats. Such a danger exists, but the losses can be avoided in advance to take measures for the protection of birds and learn the ways of their migration.

If you replace all fossil fuel power plants to wind turbines, it is possible to save 70 million birds per year
If we compare with other wind farm power, we can see that the fossil energy is much more destructive to wildlife.

The coal industry, for example, kills many times more birds this electric shocks, poisoning and waste, acid rain, pollution of mercury compounds. If we replaced all power wind generators on fossil fuels, we have saved approximately 70 million birds each year.

9. A secure future for all

Wind energy is indispensable if we are to avoid climate catastrophe and keep global warming in a relatively safe part of 2 ° C.

But we have little time to achieve this goal.

In Russia, on the road to green energy many obstacles. Our country is far behind in renewable energy technologies, we have virtually no production of its own equipment for wind turbines. only a few large wind farms operating on the territory of the country.

That is why it is so important to overcome the resistance of the oil and gas industry and to convince politicians that the future - for renewable energy.


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