Confessions of a mother: once you sit at home, you're boring broody

"? Chegoooo" - snorted it before the door to the toilet: beautiful, tinted, on the heels - on my request, and turned away. I tried to persuade Alice to suffer, just two women in front, and then you immediately, but one cabinet.

It's okay, it's standard. They will never help.

Okay, this too loudly about "they had." It is unfair and insulting. I was wrong. But, you know, when you go with a baby somewhere, a place inferior to men and women of all ages - adults only women. Only adults.

Once, when Alice was young, I scraped with a stroller out of the store and could not beat the door. I asked for help Woman walking on the sidewalk, and she shied away from me with indignation. As if she touched the stroller, it would have caught. The other, older, came over and helped silence. And she said - just do not worry, I had already know what it is, but it is - not yet

. This is a clear and immediate distinction still amazes my imagination. Once the child is outside, hop - and you're in the enemy camp "mothers." Because you do not have the same ease and mobility, you are slow and dependent, because your child does not go quietly along the sidewalk, head down and putting the feet in first position, as soon as the stop, and yet he yells and screams, and goes to bed at nine and sleeps during the day. And the hell are you in need of assistance. Well, even without help. In human terms. You want to childless friends to talk to you at least occasionally, and at least occasionally asking how you're doing. But - once you sit at home, you're boring broody. Why spend time on the broody, really?

Or - feeding. What disturbed young women's faces in Moscow, I ogrebla until sedation was only milk for the baby. "Fuuu, how you can be exposed, sick" - he said one such his girlfriend walking in the square by. Once and pushed blue from ora baby at some church garden, and finally giving the desired, I saw approaching a person in a cassock. All, I think Khan. But he only smiled and murmured softly exaggerated by. Yes, he's not a young free woman.

And here's another terrible word: airplane. Screaming children on the plane I was very sorry for the past, but now I maliciously more sorry for the parents, because I know very well how it is. How to stick to the back of clothes, because for her, on the back, flowing cold sweat - it seems to you that your baby is crying loudly, and vooon the girl looks at you as the enemy, as it is impeding the cry of your child who ears laid.

Escalator. Oh, that's another story. In one hand - wheelchair / scooter, the other - the child. Do you know how scary does not hold on to the handrail when it is also necessary to keep the child, if that? Oh, I have become smart. Earlier I asked the girls. Now I ask only men.

Young women are you, "multiply the female" interferes everywhere. Interferes in the restaurant, even if the child does not run and does not throw his feet waiters, just by their presence. Remember the "Sex and the City": as one of the bridesmaids, it seems, Samantha, started screaming at her mother, whose son was eating spaghetti. Unaesthetic ate, and Samantha is very hurt to live. Well, because the ugly. Fu.

You disturb them at a pedestrian crossing, because your "Backscratcher" too slowly crosses the street in front of her, "Bentley". And they sometimes even short and irritated honking: Bibi, go already, chicken. And sometimes - moms, conjure, be careful !!! - They just do not stop. They go, and then another mother's you out of the window, saying that where you climb, can not you see I'm in a hurry, and you have your ottoropilas. So, I passed a number of Carriages at a pedestrian crossing, was the daughter of a month, and she was in the carriage-cradle. Stop all ranks except the extreme right. The girl's face behind the wheel of the white "Mercedes" I will remember forever.

Prevent them on the sidewalk, because aside and miss the stroller - it is work, and irritation, it is almost always pursed lips. Interferes in line at the supermarket, when they kameneyut neck, just not to skip ahead a woman with a nagging child. Indeed, why should I? They have the same lunch break.

I think the reason is biological, encrypted in the spinal cord - in fact a female with a cub eats more food

. And yet - an endless phrase "young and successful" like a Nazi slogan. Because as soon as you "Mom", you cease to be a "young" (yet recovered five kilos, huh ?!) and "decree" does not mean "success" (in any case, personal). Does not fit into a slogan worthy of contempt.

You're tired, do not sleep, struggling to try to ensure that it was good, so no one cried, cried, remember! You almost always (note I say - "almost always", I do not say "all", but - "many"), so that's - you're almost always a priori an enemy to those who previously could be her friend. And yes, they believe that you are an idle and lazy, you do not p a b a t e w a s. It is clear, right? You varish soup, but do not commit feats of labor. When I went on maternity leave, one lovely lady snorted and said: "One chicken has become more!" Oh, I was afraid to become a chicken, I walked pregnant. More than anything. I yelled that will go out to work in two rebenkinyh month and will carry it with me in the cradle. But yeah, I had the brains. Or instincts.

And besides, they know perfectly well what is wrong and how do you really need. What should be a garden, and when to give, when to teach and how to teach the language to the pot. But most importantly - does not help. Nowhere. Neither the escalator or at the door or in a long line of passport control. Forget. Comforted by the fact that almost all of them waiting for the same thing as you. Specifically, sat. Some, though, do not wait - but it is quite another matter

. Author: Anastasia Tomsk


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