I stretched between the worlds ...

< Felix Komarov

I stretched between the worlds,
Between the Pleroma and the Earth.
And cold claws,
Manages me outcast.

Part of the soul tends to Pleroma,
Some of the other, to the animals in captivity.
I live, frozen in a coma,
The sticky fear of change.

The flesh of the soul and spirit of the core,
The rack of knowledge stretching
I dread to remain dust,
Forever asleep in a dream.

Where are you, young constellations!
Where eons bright face!
I appeal to you from the abyss!

Everything is just a moment.
The animal is suffering, he is afflicted and austere,
His torment your life.
You floats down the river.
Rock, the fate of his whim.
You will not escape from delirium,
Of heavy dreams of the Creator.
All that you imagine
victory Lies crown of thorns.

We are in a dungeon,
In the labyrinth of gray walls.
Let us only dream of joy,
A quick death in the beds of veins.
Let us remove ourselves to God,
Let us dream of God himself ...
We will build gradually,
We road to the White Temple!

Thought funny,
Who will build who save?
No prison no, no heaven,
So where you manage the course?
You only ghosts of the Pleroma.
And there is also the Pleroma.
Infinite your moans,
But no one will answer.
Who seeks the? Who suffers?
Who wants to know himself?
Beast wheezing and barking viciously,
Died without loving.
The animal will die, die, and thought,
And your little world will disappear
Who is the last hour numbered,
He is the only prophet!

The voice fell silent.
And there was a voice
Or the wind singing in the fields?
Ripen in the sun ear,
Hiding ancient dust.

Pleroma (. ;;;;;;; Greek - completeness) - a term occurring in a variety of Christian, Gnostic and Hermetic doctrines and indicating: 1) the presence of a complete or holistic spirituality


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