A trip to Irkutsk

Recently, Internet user went to Irkutsk. And he wants to share with us their exciting rides.

My trip to Lake Baikal, like most people, started in Irkutsk. We arrived at night and the first impression that I got from the city - clean and well maintained. In the morning, when dawn broke and I went on a trip, and already the road seemed not so smooth, and the streets are not all clean. Nevertheless, the overall impression was positive ...

On that day in Irkutsk was an exhibition of the Olympic torch. The organizers have asked me to call and talk about their experiences in the torch relay before the Olympics in London. The presentation took place at the Baikal-Arena, where it's a lot of young athletes from sports schools:

For the children it was a great happiness to touch the torch. I saw burned their eyes and they lined up to be photographed with him:

I, too, held the torch in his hand. Frankly, I liked him a lot less than in London: a thin pen - do not feel that you carry the torch itself is made either from plastic, or from some similar material, design mixed ... well, not much. I expect more. It was nice to see among the guests who came looking for a T-shirt "blogger against trash»:


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