Multicopter be equipped with LED indication for example license plates


Engineers from the University of California at Berkeley приступили for testing project Lightcense (of the game: the words light - light and license - license). Their proposal is to equip all light indication UAV system that will allow the host to determine the drone of a unique sequence of flashing LEDs.

While people are engaged in aircraft modeling almost as long as the aircraft, flying model of the nation-wide popularity gained in the last ten years due to the emergence of numerous species multicopter. And of course, the more people are addicted to this hobby, the more accidents happen to them.

UK residents have complained to the police on the frequent cases of use multicopter thieves, burglar , who look out for yourself the next victim. In Kentucky man shot from a gun shot down the drone , flown to him in the yard, following a complaint by his daughter that the device bothered her.

The problem is that multicopter become readily available for a wide range of interested persons, may depart from the pilot for several kilometers (particularly programmable models with built-in sensor GPS), and the legislation behind the technological progress.

Authors of the project offer to supply multicopter Lightcense LED lighting, which will be located below the machine - so that it was visible from the ground. Copter in any case supplied with LED signals to facilitate their search in the sky and on the ground. A set of LEDs may flash, and the flashes can be coded by a unique sequence that is bound to the host machine.


To identify the copter by flashing LEDs developers propose to use mobile application that works with the camera smartphone. Such an indication, in the manner of the license plate of the car, the owner will determine the copter. And if the copter has no markings, then to him as soon as you suspect.

The identification of such UAVs due to their proliferation - the inevitable phenomenon, as well as shortly after the start of motorization of the planet were the first license plates . Light indication of better, for example, RFID, because it avoids confusion if some drones appear in the same place at the same time.

In addition, people who bother drones automatically call the police, and not, for example, in aircraft maintenance, so the police should have the means to quickly identify the device accessories. The application for a smartphone - quite convenient and common option. And the power from the LEDs will not significantly affect the lifetime of the battery.

The creators have already tested the idea on a copter from 3D Robotics. Enshrined LEDs differ naked eye at a distance of 100 meters, and with the help of mobile applications and smartphones with additional cheap magnifying lens - at a distance of 150 m.

Now engineers are working on a prototype of a special camera designed for law enforcement services, which will be able to recognize Lightcense from great distances. In addition, they are developing a standardized version of the identification mark for the copter to represent him a box containing other than light-emitting diodes, Light, facilitates the search for the drone and the battery. The developers hope that this idea was picked up firms that manufacture multicopter, and soon most of the finished models will be equipped with similar identifiers.



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