When the license plate of a car is more expensive

In Moscow there are clandestine auction sales beautiful rooms. Private and legal entities interested in buying in car ownership and license plates outweigh their cars in the so-called donor who subsequently put up for sale, but for a round sum. In some cases, the amount of such avtohlama up to several million rubles.

It turned out, this number series OKA USAID worth 2 million. Rubles. In general, currently roughly the price of rooms in Moscow: AMP 1 million rubles. MMM 250 thousand rubles, Ltd. from 100 thousand rubles, AMO 100 thousand rubles, the AAA 200 thousand rubles, XXX 100 thousand rubles " SLR "(eg" 199 ... 199 ") - 100 thousand rubles, 001 - 80 thousand rubles. Final price per room is determined by the final combination of numbers and letters, for example, the number 77 N777NN sell 10 million. Rubles! The owner of the most expensive rooms A777AA 777 became common police car VAZ-2114. The decision was made to no one had a desire to realize the most beautiful in the country of registration number (say, for it were ready to pay 15 million. Rubles!).

A little unclear why we still do not introduce special auctions on license plates? It is thus possible to deprive corruption component process for car state numbers, and replenish the coffers. For example, the sales numbers Shanghai authorities earned money to build ultra-modern public transport system ... And we are worse?

Source: nikitskij.livejournal.com


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