How to work in Moscow traffic police cameras

As in Moscow, drivers are fined by cameras videofiksatsii.

I do not agree with all of the text - I try not to break the traffic rules)))

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In Moscow, opposite the Tsvetnoy Boulevard with the Brezhnev era is disgusting white wall building. It sits traffic police, it is the traffic police. To the right of the building, if you go under the barrier - no one hurt - is the entrance to the Department of Transport in Moscow, the most progressive department.

To the left of the entrance to the Department is a real Japanese vending machines, which are charged goryachine and cold drinks. For some 50 rubles, you can call the hot Japanese coffee or cold drink grape Japanese.
Clearly, by itself at the entrance to Deptrans such a device might not appear, it is someone out there really want. More crazy in Moscow could be just the machine for the sale of labor-nyashnye manga comics with schoolgirls.

But we digress searching for the entrance to the center fotovideofiksatsii violations. The center, which attracts all the pictures of all the violations of style and taste is much more traditional. On the wall hangs a tapestry "HHS and DSS."

Inspector loves to be photographed.

Workers preparing for dinner at the workplace - screen. It is here checked manually all photographic images violations, fines are issued.

Modern systems can detect almost any number in any weather conditions. If the number is evenly contaminated, it considers an infrared system that detects the license plate on the bumps. Sorry, to send a fine to a man it is impossible, because in the domestic court of the channel only pictures. I can not see the pictures of letters and numbers - not guilty.
The peculiarity of Russian realities are drivers who take, say, and snow on the numbered Prilep. What? It's not me, it's the students indulged. Number can not be calculated - there was no violation.

When not read only one number or letter, the operator selects 10 variants hands until a match from the database will not happen. In this case the dude comes penalty. If you can not read two digits or letters, the pipets, horseradish podberesh.
The interface is full of problems. For example, all the buses that travel on dedicated lanes for buses, enter the number of violators. And then throw them manually. Soon, firefighters and cops too fine, after which they have to prove that they were on a mission. Then the penalty is removed.
The interface system of analysis and issuing fines incredibly ill-conceived. I have improved the system in such a way as to increase the half bandwidth operators. Now they have to choose typical scenarios violations checkboxes! Imagine - each operator during the working day must be once per minute to call the dialog box and on the checkbox zhamkat there, but all the work can be reduced to a simple push of a button on the large color-coded (see. McDonald's).

After making sure that the system is easy to fuck, closing two characters, I go to the field trials Parkon. It turns out Parkon - the name of the first generation. What goes now called mobile complex fotovideofiksatsii violations equipped with hardware and software device ParkRayt. Horror !!! It is clear that no one in my life so to say, all the cars with cameras called Parkon. It is not clear why this fact of life is not recognized in TSODD (Center of traffic).
Work Parkon.

Here they are, my dear. Clean, serebryanenkie, with green stripes.

Parkon equipped with two crew members and two cameras. The crew troubled little bad karma, so carefully avoids taking pictures. They all hate and so - because they bring into the house of the fines.

The car has a driver and a technician. The driver only taxis, techniques such as control the camera and looking at the screen. In fact, both just go through the streets and listen to the radio. All makes automatic fotovideofiksatsii. One camera is set to take a picture of the hotel, the other - the position of the car on the sidewalk.

Here are some *** got a new layout rotation.
Shtrafets. Oh, the number can not be read. There will be shtraftsa.

The driver and the technician told a lot of stories about how they cheat drivers. Parkon travels the same route every 5-10 minutes. Drivers can leave on a paid parking your car for free the first 15 minutes.
Goes Parkon, the driver of his remarks in the rearview mirror, presses trunk opening, the number goes up. Parkon nothing reads. The driver closes the trunk and should continue.

Dude parked in front of a zebra at a crossroads. Shtrafets. Oh, the number can not be read. There will be shtraftsa.

Dude shut card number on the room. Shtrafets. Loshara, it is necessary to close the two characters instead of one.

Here's how.

Pros. Excuse me, Mr. Inspector, Baby Soft accidentally pinched.

We dirt at all enough, Russia - a generous soul.

People actively using the mire of the streets in order to avoid paying fines. Shit on the road so much that even the cops do not stop the car with unreadable numbers. Here's a great example: the number of dull dirty, but lights lovingly rubbed. So, he carries with him protiralki bastard. Because the lights - is security, and you can live without penalty otlichnenko.

Fair girl honestly pay for parking in the beautifully decorated parkomat world.

First, the city hung shields horses numbered parking spaces.

Then fix and replace the shields to compact, well, we drank loot again.

Parkon able to see only the rooms located on the direction of travel. Therefore, the pros are parked so that stand parallel to the optical plane of the camera. For example, a courier home Ukrainian food.

Here he is hiding behind the billboard Smartik tricky. Its number Parkon not see because the camera does not turn.

Therefore, on February 1, took to the streets walking operators who can tear off pieces of paper to wipe the rooms and in every way to deal with those who are struggling with Parkon (of which the driver and the operator is strictly forbidden to go).
Moscow parking space is far from perfect - for every machine allotted 7, 5 meters (end of February - 6, 5 meters). This means that Hammer and Smart may take the same amount of space along the sidewalk. Each location is recorded in the database, it Parkon and collate violation. This is extremely irrational.
One pleases - paid parking system works just over a year, while in Moscow it is already possible to travel occasionally.
Previously, the people threw the car anywhere and on any number of now - huddle in the yards. My favorite park where you can not go at all (for McDuck on a newspaper):

Today is two completely legal way not to fall under the photographic images and do not pay for parking.
Method number one - to rent rooms. There is no law that can not be fasten rooms with own vehicle is stationary. (No guarantees not to be fucked at some point.)
Method number two - to ride the subway. For those who can not imagine life without Ponto, the government of Moscow has developed a special VIP travel - map "Troika", black edishyn. With holographic horses.


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