The Federal office of civil aviation USA equated paper airplanes to drones

Is a paper airplane a drone? For the Federal aviation administration (FAA), responsible for the regulation of flights over America, this is not an idle question. Currently in the United States banned the commercial use of drones without a special license by the FAA.

Peter Sachs, a lawyer and a lover of drones, made a request about the possibility of using a paper airplane with attached motor for commercial purposes. His goal was to find out whether the Agency spread its jurisdiction to the paper airplanes? According to the FAA if such aircraft with the engine and its owner filed to receive the relevant documents, the answer is a resounding "Yes".

According to the resolution, the sax is allowed to run Tailor Toys Power Up 3.0, a smartphone-driven propeller, attached to a paper airplane. The device costs about $ 50, has a radius of about 50 meters and the flight time to 10 minutes.

Sachs asked for permission to use the airplane for the implementation of aerial photography — there are small enough and lightweight camera that is able to fulfill this goal. The FAA gave Sachs a certificate allowing it to do, but it is written 31 the restriction on the use of the airplane, including:

— it is forbidden to fly at speeds exceeding 160 kilometers per hour (we are talking about a paper airplane!);

allowable weight of camera should not exceed 24 pounds (often you see those paper airplanes?);

— Aircraft must not rise above 120 meters (recall that the maximum radius of the flight Power Up 3.0 is 50 meters).

Apparently, the Federal aviation administration makes no distinction between drones and toys-home, what is the Power Up 3.0. Agree, this is somewhat strange when the government is trying to regulate the flight of paper airplanes? published

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