Game of Drones. As the men were breaking each other quadrocopter

Mark Kornblatu tired that quadrocopter flying before the first fall or hit the wall. He decided to build a drone eggs with a bulletproof jacket. After he successfully собрал money on Kickstarter , there was a whole community of unshaven men who gather in basements to put up a fight until one of the men will not be able to fly. But this is the first rule prohibits telling the club.

Korean martial neubivaemye quadrocopter , which are in Hakspeyse (and free sale in Moscow), easily withstand a fall from any height, as well as continue to perform well after any number of bumping into the wall at full speed. But here is to break a window or withstand the impact of a baseball bat and kicking 90 pound man they can not. And drones of fight club can.

Under the cut a lot quadrocopter suffered

Soldiers in person

Disassembled it retails for $ 410, assembled for $ 650. Separately for $ 140 you can buy body armor indestructible army of plastic (15x15 inches). It is possible to customize to suit your drone.

Video strength test h4>
 Bearded man dolbashit drones bat, throwing them into the wall, jumping on top of them and tramples underfoot

Drone flying at full speed through the window. Through the glass. It though henna.
Drone flies into the flame, nothing drone falls from a height, nothing but tasted lead from shotgun, drone decided that 4 too much for him and it is time to get rid of one.

Drone blows glass of water

Drone to test body armor under a hail of bullets

Kneading in the Maker Fair 2014 h4>
Full version of the battle. I was most struck by "flying stool»

And here is the "stool" with the pilot

"Stool" near

After mixing, have children to have something to make money

Is your multicopter ready to take the fight? B> h4>

In my previous post I put a poll on whether to organize a massive fight for survival in Moscow. Do not want to repeat myself, so please vote here .



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