Media learned that will be a check in US drones

Several sources, including Washington Post , writing about the new procedure of registration of domestic drones, which was developed jointly Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the US Department of Transportation. So far details are insider character, but one can conclude that although the registration procedure and make the most burdensome for evading it will be possible to get a fine or even imprisonment.

Register require domestic drones weighing more than 250 grams. To do this will create a website and a mobile application where the owner of the device will need to enter your name and address, and, if desired, e-mail, if it wants to receive further notice from the FAA. In response, site or application owner will assign a registration number, which must be somehow attach to all the available he drones. It is assumed that the home address will be used in case of loss of the drone, so that the device can be returned to the place of its registration.

The exact number of drones in the US for sure nobody knows. It is estimated that the number could exceed 700,000 units, and this figure is significant to mention the fact that the drones have become quite popular products. Since the FAA registration is made as simple as possible and does not involve any cash charges, the agency hopes to consciousness of citizens. Moreover, the number of incidents involving drones has grown to a considerable size. The purpose of one of them in May this year turned even the White House.

Earlier it was reported that sales of Google and Amazon, long-cherished plans to use drones in their business, together operating rules developed drones in an urban setting . They introduced the classification of drones depending on their level of technical support and attributed to each class of your air passage to control service designed to keep order in the air.



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