10 technotrends, which we expect in 2015

In the developing world of technologies very difficult to predict. In the world of technology everything is changing very quickly, any break — in research, application or even at the legislative level — can cause a cascade of rapid effects. But we'll still try. Discovery presented its list of ten technological trends that will not remain without attention in 2015.

Mobile платежи

Mobile payment systems — those in which you use a smartphone instead of a credit card — should receive serious spread in 2015 when Apple Pay and competing services like CurrentC will capture the territory.

Plus the fact that mobile payments should be faster, much faster and potentially reduce the amount of payments using cards, and therefore the fees charged by the issuers. The disadvantage is that mobile payment systems open up new and dangerous territory in privacy and security. That automatically puts us into the next area.

System personal маскировки

Mobile payment systems like Apple Pay work with devices through NFC. As a more adult system, radio frequency identification (RFID), this system is vulnerable to hackers who can steal your information, being directly next to you. One of the most popular video games 2014, Watch Dogs was built on such a scenario.

We can assume that the answer to this vulnerability will be different types of camouflage clothing and accessories that will be available in 2015. In addition to RFID-blocking wallets for your credit cards, you can expect jackets, bags and even jeans that block wireless signals from your phone or other mobile device. Or you can directly apply to the secure devices that are in active development, Blackphone from Silent Circle or Boeing Black.

Virtual реальность

The long-awaited virtual reality headset with built-in display Oculus Rift should appear in stores in 2015, and with it the world will burst in a firework of diverse technology and applications of virtual reality.

Project Morpheus from Sony will be a direct competitor to the Oculus in the gaming world, but in the future a variety of headset virtual reality has already promised a portion of the oddities of the future owners. Some film production Studio has already promised to showcase 3D film is projected directly into the eye.

Internet вещей

The Internet of things is the natural progression of the next wave of Internet-connected systems, which will include not only our computers and devices, but virtually everything else on our planet. The term Internet of things essentially refers to a number of integrated technologies that include wireless communication, augmented reality, robotics and microelectronics.

Current examples include appliances connected to the Internet that you can control with your smartphone. Possible and in another way — for example, your refrigerator itself tells your smartphone when you need to go to the store. The principles of the Internet of things lie at the heart of future transport initiatives — such automated mesh flow of the city for self-driving cars.

Translation in real vremeni December Skype unveiled the first iteration of its system of real-time translation for conversational English and Spanish languages. In the video presented by the company with the participation of students from the United States and Mexico, the system works just like in science fiction movies. You speak English, the computer instantly translates to Spanish and Vice versa.

Skype claims that soon other languages will be added, and we will see more breakthroughs in the field of "realtime" translation in 2015. Decades of research in the field of speech recognition, machine learning and "deep neural network" artificial intelligence gives us new opportunities. Instant voice translation on your smartphone is one of the most exciting possibilities of 2015.

Artificial интеллект

Hollywood and Stephen Hawking seemed in cahoots, warning the world about the dangers of artificial intelligence the whole of 2014, but that's not stopping scientists. Artificial intelligence is one of the busiest areas of technology.

For example, the artificial intelligence IBM Watson works in the medical field for several years. Advanced artificial intelligence system can produce decades of medical data in the blink of an eye on what people are in principle capable of. In 2015, IBM hopes to teach Watson the treatment of natural intelligence and to expand its capabilities in other areas.

Self-governing автомобили

Self-driving cars we were promised for several years, but 2015 may be the first calendar year when we see real street results. Truly Autonomous vehicles still have some technological (and legal) disadvantages, dangers and other crude moments, but in 2015 for sure you will see plenty of technologies that will "help" drivers.

On the eve of holidays, Google announced that its prototype is ready for testing on the highways.

Volvo already has a car that is also learning to drive independently. Sedan next-generation XC90 has adaptive cruise control which maintains a set distance between you and the vehicle ahead. Park assist allows the car to drive in the narrow Parking spaces.

Flexible дисплеи

The idea of flexible display screens that can bend, twist and even fold as a newspaper — another one of those fantastic ideas that are constantly floating. Working flexible displays appeared in the 1970-ies, but, like many other technologies, has not received due development.

In 2015, we expect major players like LG and Samsung will continue to develop thin OLED panels. This technology works with both small screens (smartphone), large television panels. OLED displays are more durable than traditional screens, as well as very promising in terms of flexibility and strength.

Online безопасность

On the background of the epic Sony Pictures hack and the insane increase in threats to online security, we can expect a significant surge in products and services that will help to protect your money and information online.

The development horizon includes improvements in the form of biometric authentication, credit cards through quantum physics, as well as new services that will serve as pre-emptive protection from identity theft. We'll also see how companies that store your information — from social media to stores will be to improve their security protocols.

Splendor дронов

The drones continue to swarm in the headlines in 2015, good or bad, thanks to the incredible usefulness in hundreds of industries — and some leaking issues in the regulatory issues. In Russia, for example, drones five minutes is prohibited. In 2015 drones will be in hundreds times more, than now, and their will appear myriad.

Amazon is experiencing aggressive delivery system using unmanned drones, insurance companies are planning to use unmanned aerial vehicles for inspections of industrial companies want to use drones to control objects. Artists and Directors find new uses drones in its work, and on the market there are drones with cameras for private use.


Source: hi-news.ru


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