British company offers to produce energy using floating at an altitude of 15 kilometers drones


Yesterday Habré was published news an interesting project of Japanese scientists to supply our planet with energy by solar panels installed on the moon. This project is quite complicated hardly feasible in the current environment, but there is another similar project, which is more easy to implement. Plus, the project in question does not require missions to the moon, or even out in the near-Earth space.

These are soaring at an altitude of 15 kilometers drones special design. These drones look like kites, but instead of "sail" at them - solar panel. It is understood that the device soar mainly due to the screw (do not remember, to be honest, is there such a height rising air). Well, derived from sunlight energy drones transmit using microwave radiation to the ground. Among other things, the energy is collected and from the air, since the drones are equipped with miniature wind turbines.

Ground stations microwaves converted into electrical energy and store it in the battery.

Of course, in such a project has flaws. For example, the power of one drone - 50 kW, which means that even a small supply for the city must be thousands of drones. And the creation of such a large number of devices - an expensive lesson. How reliable is this system, and what losses may be incurred as often drones will fail - is also an issue that needs a speedy response.

On the other hand, such a system can be used in emergency situations, but not all the time.

The company, which is developing the project, plans to put it on Kickstarter. To start the production of drones need 500 thousand dollars, which is a lot.

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