Three of the best sand castles from around the world

Canadian sculptor guy-Oliver Devaux (Guy-Olivier Deveau) prefers to build is not for the ages. Favorite materials Gaya-Oliver – ice, snow and sand. Among a large number of sculptures in his portfolio you can find a very unusual sand castle I Am 8-Bit. The work was awarded the audience award at the thematic exhibition Parksville Canada Open.

Sand castle, suitable for temporary accommodation built in the UK near the beach and Weymouth Beach. Overnight at a unique hotel Sand Hotel will cost $ 15.5.

New York-based sculptor Matt long (Matt Long) decided to make the life of shoragan and guests of their city a little more beach mood. And built awesome sand castles. Huge – more than five meters high sculpture in the medieval style Matt built directly on the busy streets of Manhattan. The work of the artist on the sand was held under the motto "return to new York fun and free entertainment".

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